I had no choice but just to cry (Part 3)

By Ngor Khot Garang

One morning, I came to a certain village where people burnt in flames of poverty. I was aware that this was going to be the end of my life because it would be right for these people to think that I have money and they will do anything to find out even if it means taking my life but I was wrong. These were innocent people who had been sentenced to a lifetime suffering and hopelessness. There was completely no exit strategy and I nearly cried when I imagined their future and the kind of beggary life they were forced to lead.

In their eyes, I could tell they were hoping for something better but it seemed like they were day-dreaming and it was true, they were building castles in the air. How would they make it when their homes are always on the run? This was very impossible and change was just anillusion.

I saw poverty spreading like a wild fire and I was told that after 20 years, people will be robbing themselves to survive, with killing as the order of the day “Hey my son, what are you doing there? Please go away to a far land where you will spend some years. These people will just kill you for me and I am not ready to dig your grave, I am very weak to do that”.

I saw a middle-aged woman shouting at his son. This young man had not seen anything good in his life. He was born during the war, grew up there and was now going to die in war. This was very pathetic as this young man had been very critical of some crooks in the place but swore never to forgive him for anything.

These people, you don’t know them and I will tell you more about them now. They are the richest people in this place. They eat and waste food when millions of people go to bed with empty stomachs but this is not a big deal. The problem is the killing of the poor. Few years ago, I was told that thousands of people lost their lives, homes and millions of others, mostly women and children, fled to distant lands for fear of their lives when these people fought over the resources of the land and blood was pouringlike a stream of water. The land was burned down and only a smaller part was left for burial, so all you could only see are graves and nothing more.

At night, you could hear the humming of insects and wailing of the poor. People don’t sleep here and there is no rest at night because anything can happen as no one knows what is lurking in the darkness? Unknown gunmen! These people have killed so many people and since then, none of them has been apprehended and this seems to be giving them a softer ground to continue killing people.

The government of this land doesn’t care who lives and who dies, and mostly, they take matters into their hands to decide who lives and who dies. The protection of the poor citizens is none of their business because they have their boxes ticked, and who cares? They have almost everything and they have got an upper hand. The resources of this land are theirs and they don’t want anybody to benefit but over the years, there are people they have teamed up with to loot the land’s crude wealth.

These people came from far destinations to invest in the rich land and everything I got there; hotels, multimillion companies, businesses, I was told they belonged to these people.Their various countries of origin are erecting tall buildings with money made on this land but when you see the place and the poverty its citizens are going through, you just want to cry and you will involuntarily find tears rolling down through your checks.

In this place, I don’t call it hell but it is a living sign that there is a hell and it is real. People have been divided and social class has been created, four in number and each one comes with its reward.  They are now first, second, third and fourth classes. Millions of these people are in fourth class and this is where the pain never ends. Even as a young man born to a very poor parentage, raised in poverty and still in poverty, I could not understand why these people were made to this live in this endless abyss of suffering and struggle.

These people have nothing to hope for and their God just stares at them without answers. In this fourth class, pain starts even from childhood. Before the age of 15, you find that you are already an adult. I was led to a certain destination where I witnessed the ruins of the war and stealing of public funds. Little kids and elderly were begging. “You see these people will never ever get out of this life. They have been sentenced to a very hard life and I ask you to pray for them and me too”.

A woman I met at the gate told me but you know this woman. She is a survivor of the war that claimed the life of her husband and her three children but she has an untold story. She was gang-raped by some young men and left half-dead. I did not want to listen to this sad story because it reminds me of a young girl who was raped to the failure of her organ which contributed to her untimely death.

“This world” I got down on my knees and prayed but I realized that it was not the world’s problem. It was this land. I got back on my feet and started moving then I came across some soldiers. These people top the list of the poorest people in that land. They don’t have homes but they move on every street with guns. Others have nothing else but crutches and pairs of military uniform. Most of them are illiterate and their children will also follow because education is expensive, and there is no way they will send their children to school when they can’t afford a decent meal a day.

But what I have come to dislike from these people is the way they treated their own people. It seemedto me like there are people who have been using soldiers to infringe on the rights of a common man.

When I decided to go back home, I saw some of them in front of a church to prevent people from congregating in the house of God as a means to curtail a virus that has ravaged some parts of the whole world. They were carrying big weapons and strict rules were enacted and anyone going against them was bound to nurse a bullet wound or die. So it was a situation where one person or people must die to save others. This was so frightening. I also went to a nearby market to buy some foods and there, I got a multitude of people, each with a different business but there were no soldiers.

This was very confusing. It showed me that those gunmen were just preventing people from worshiping God. But why? I understand that these people find courage and consolation in the house of God. When life is hard and things are always tough, they run to God to cry to him.This was very heart-breaking, but God will remember these people in His kingdom. When I was about to move to another place, I just woke up from sleep and realized that everything was a dream.

To be continued. Thanks for reading Finding Hope…..Dedicated to the vulnerable population.

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