I don’t want to distort my life -Bishop Paride

The ongoing situation in the country has forced me to keep silent because I don’t want to distort my life at the age of 82 years, Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban told congregation on Monday during a prayer for the sixth Independence Anniversary organized by the South Sudan Council of Churches.

According to Rt. Bishop Taban, he decided to remain silent about the three years old conflict because it is brother killing a brother. “It is very hard for me as a father of the nation to talk about it. Instead, I better pray and fast in order for God to rescue the situation”.

In March, Bishop Taban resigned from his position just weeks after his appointment by President Salva Kiir to Co-chair South Sudan’s National Dialogue Committee.

In a four page letter written to President Kiir, he said he has never seen such suffering of South Sudanese in his entire 81 year old life, not even under the Arab rule. He asked President Kiir to excuse him from his calls for national dialogue.

Speaking to the faithful on Monday, Rt. Bishop Taban said. “I cannot talk now because brothers are killing brothers. If you are a father and your children are killing themselves what can you do?”.

He said it was better to commit himself into the hands of God because once you say something which is distorted it will come back to you, “I don’t want my life to be distorted at the age of 82 years”.

The Emeritus Bishop said many people are asking him from London as to why he is silent this time over the ongoing crisis.

He continued that his commitment to pray and fast, was rather to ask for God to change the hearts of South Sudanese to stop killing themselves and as well to change their hands from holding guns to pens and books.

“What we need now is education and development,” he said.

He said the education is the only solution to the conflict in the country in a sense that people would be able to know what is bad and good in this World.

Bishop Paride Taban was the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese of Torit from 1983-2004. Immediately after his retirement, Paride set up a peace Centre in Kapoeta known as Kuron Peace Village, which played a great role in ending the armed conflict between the government and the South Sudan Democratic Army/ Movement of David Yau Yau.






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