Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The first thing that hit me when Papal’s visit was announced for July this year, was to have my house in order and be upright to the visit. I was all set to have the highly placed man of God and his entire entourage come here not only to give heavenly hope but also to witness what his prayers and kiss had done to the country. Peace was being restored and the refugees who had for years been away returning home. Although there were few skirmishes here and there at least the majority were doing their rounds without too much worry like before. It was heartfelt that the world head of the Catholic Church was traveling to Africa with the final destination. I wanted him to find out that l was ready and waiting. I have come to realize not to take anything for granted because experience has taught me that the best enemy is that one who knows you and who jokes with you all the time. I have come to know that that person who pretends to be close is an easy Judas Iscariot. I have been in so many situations that l have come to understand the world that without trusting in the Almighty nothing good can come your way. A friend once told me how he was betrayed by one whom he thought all along to be one of his best pals in the world. Little did he know that the same person was out to finish him by lying and propelling bushfires that were only meant to tarnish his name and image. He came to learn the hard way that only God was the best friend who could protect one in all and every situation. Once he told me that he would never trust any human being because most of them are imposters of human being’s life and could turn around without blinking an eyelid to do their dirty take on you. Since he is still a young man l told him that he was still having so many stages and a lot to see in life. The only consolation was to turn to God and do what you think is right according to your own conscience without being driven by the outside world. He promised to clean his house and continue praying as he waited for the holy visit by the Pope. Wondering in his own world, my young friend was so mesmerized with his findings of betrayal that he turned to take prayers into his house with both hands. For some of us and particularly me, l decided to lead the young man into the good world where no ethnicity, color or creed was considered but where all of us were treated the same and equal. I told him that this was the only way to follow because it leads to peaceful coexistence and prosperity in life.

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