Husband shot wife over family matters

By Bida Elly David

A young woman Yesterday at Hai Lokwilili domiciliary of Gudele two was shot by her husband over small kinfolk quarrels

The incident conspired around 7 Am in the sunrise when the preponderance of the residents within the vicinity were asleep knowing nothing regarding the history of the disputes

John Lomoro the husband to the victim was identified as a trouble making person by the wife’s family members as well as the residents

Speaking to Juba monitor, Nyoka Jane an eye witness and a resident at the area pointed out that before Lomoro could shoot his wife, they had previous grudges amid themselves that made his wife to be reverted back by her parents

‘’John Lomoro has been involved in grudges with his wife over the past 6 months on issues best known to them. Due to the cumulative issues and the beating his wife went through, her family decided to take her back home’’ Nyoka said

Nyoka reiterated that when she woke up, she saw the husband running after the wife holding a pistol

However, John Pitiya a resident in the area lamented that Umjuma the wife to John Lomoro is a saloon attendant in custom and the husband is a police officer deployed on diplomatic assignment in an embassy

‘’Umjuma is a saloon attendant while John Lomoro the husband is a police officer assigned to work in a diplomatic zone at the embassy’ ’He said

According to John Pitiya, the woman was shot on the fore head with low probability of survival as the nature of the wound read

‘’The woman was shot on her fore head. I am not sure if she will survive since the nature of the wound was so critical and her respiratory system declined’’ John said

Furthermore, John jagged out that the woman’s husband absconded upon shooting his wife while the woman was picked by the corps for emergency response

However, the matter was dispatched to the authorities to investigate further the major influence to the shooting.

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