HURRAH Kiir, Machar agree to form unity gov’t

By: Kitab A Unango

President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have agreed to establish Revitalized Government of National Unity comes February 2020 deadline.

Both parties are yet to fully implement outstanding tasks such as security arrangement, including cantoning, registering, training and redeploying unified forces the number of states and their boundaries. The opposition earlier said the issues were critical prior to formation of government.

Addressing a joint press conference at the Presidential Palace (J1) after a two hour closed door meeting yesterday, President Salva Kiir Mayardit said they had agreed to form the government in February 2020 even if the pending issues were not implemented.

“We have agreed that after 100 days we must form the government. If there are other things which we have not implemented, we shall mandate the government of national unity to implement the remaining tasks,” Kiir said.

“Another thing, as we always said, is that the ceasefire will continue and no one wants to go back to war. These are the important things we discussed,” Kiir said.

Dr. Riek Machar pointed out that they also agreed to move all forces to cantonment sites soon to ensure the unified forces are trained and redeployed ahead of the deadline.

“The level we have reached now, within two weeks or one week, we are going to take all forces to training centers so that we meet the deadline. This is the preparation which is likely to happen,” Dr. Riek promised.

“We want that before the 100 days expires; there will be at least some unified forces ready to be deployed. We have agreed that the action should be express,” he added.

Dr. Riek said they have again agreed to create free political space for all parties and people of South Sudan to move freely without intimidation.

“We have agreed that there will be free political space, free movement of people and journalists so that all of us can disseminate the peace agreement to all South Sudanese,” Riek stated.

“We do not want the situation to remain like before when there was war people were under the protection of United Nations. We want the situation to change from day and this we agreed upon,” he said.

On the number of the states and their boundaries, the two principals resolved to wait for the report of recent committee from the South Africa Vice President.

“We talked about the number of states but we could not continue. Then we said we should wait for the coming of the Vice President of South Africa because he was working with the committee to listen to his report may be he will impose for us the situation of the number of states,” Riek said.

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