Huriaman explains why he quit Bossman

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Huriaman aka Malual Gabriel Kon the former manager of Bossman Sounds has come out to explain why he quit Bossman sounds after several rumours going around.

Juba Monitor caught up with the former manager of Bossman Sounds who said he started his own company; Mk Promotions and Events Limited to nature aspiring and talented youth in the country.

It is a month since Huriaman quit Bossman sound and since then there had been rumours going on that he stole funds from the company.

Speaking exclusively to Juba Monitor, Huriaman revealed that Bossman Sound natured him to stand on his own and when time to be alone came he decided to leave the company peacefully.

“Bossman has been living with my father and we all know it is written in the Bible that the man shall leave his parents’ home to start his own family and this is what I did,” said Huriaman

Huriaman revealed that Bossman and he are blood brothers and rumours should not spoil the good blood between them.

“What some people don’t know is that fact that I and Dj Mg Bossman are brothers and if it is right that I stole money then the law should take it cause, all is fine between us ”Huriaman said

Mk Promotions and Events is the new company that Huriaman has founded and was launched in Kampala in May.

Huriaman further explained that he opened his own company because he feels there is still a lot of gap in the entertainment industry of the country.

The former manager also revealed that under Mk Promotions there is plan to open a radio and Television stations as platform for the artists that the company wishes to sign.

Huriaman has been manager for Bossman Sounds since 2015 and quitted in 2019, during his reign several events such as Konshen live In Juba, Alaine and Mr. and Miss Rossconnect took place.

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