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During the birth of Christ, a group of angels appeared to some people. The angels kept on singing that, “glory be to God in the highest and peace be among the men and women on earth; Jesus is coming with peace.’’ In the past, the choirs used to worship God with glorious songs in the churches. It was a sign of welcoming the mighty power of Holy Spirit that was coming upon the worshippers. A song gives moral to a person or group of people to do something which seems to be hard and rare to happen. That was where the generations continued to inherit the custom of singing. In ancient times the instruments used were drums, horns, trumpets and whistles.  The sound being produced that time wasn’t audible across a long distant. As human is innovating new ideas he/she is able to make electronic devices which produce loud sounds. Not only that, there are varieties of devices that store sound in audio clips for long time. The sound transmission system was then improved. When something is recorded in America, it will reach Africa as it is. The World of technology has made life much easier. The People who have got natural talents have come up with an idea of composing songs. They observed their environment and saw different challenges. So they made it in a way that would be shared with the public or the rest of the world. For example, international artists such as Lil Wayne and Nicky Manaj. Have we ever seen them physically? You only saw their pictures on internet as well as listening to the songs and watching the videos. The work of artists is seen as a solution to most of the human problems. Music in many developed countries has become one of the careers or occupation. Let’s consider America and Europe, artists are more famous and richer than business people. They are most liked than politicians. The music teaches the world about something unknown. In my country, the folks have talents but before the modernization, they were not able to make to an extent where it would be shared with the world. There were no instruments for them to make their songs more efficient and convincing.  But when they got access to cities, they have also contributed their talents and ideas. South Sudanese are blessed people in the whole world. The reason am saying this, is because our fore parents made some wonderful stories. They were perfect sings. You would find an old man entertaining young children either by short stories or singing traditional songs. I believe if their voices were recorded, it would be helpful to remember them today. That had come to past but the present generation is an educated one. They composed songs and approach any studio for recording. Life is then going easy. One thing that annoys me a lot is the way our young artists or musicians are being treated. People are seriously against musicians because they think that singing is a crime. They have belief that those who sing are hopeless, useless and spoiled. Yes I may accept that many youth are becoming musicians but after their works are different views. They are mistaken to be niggas. Let me define the word Nigga simply means Negro, which is the name given to black people during the times of slavery. Why are people gossiping these young musicians? What have they really done? Is singing bad?If yes, why do you listen to Bob Marley’s songs or those of Rick Ross? Music is a medicine for the broken hearts and soul. Being a singer is a talent from God and there is no reason for the talented one to be challenged. I agree that music industry in South Sudan is having big number of artists. There are people with natural talents while others with artificial talents. One of the factors which make the youths to enter into music industry is the terrible live in South Sudan. Life is full of fear and troubles. One might wakeup in the morning and heads to his work place and later will be attacked by robbers, he then thinks for a solution. If a child goes with one pound and find the price of sweets had been raised to 5 SSP, the child will immediately create a song. Our artists are doing great job. They are preaching the message of peace. They want to draw the hearts and minds away from hatred so that we live in peace and harmony.  It’s not right for a child to be a singer but conditions will force them to sing. If you don’t take them to school to study, what should they do? Students who have finished their studies are not employed, what should they do? Things in the market are very expensive. Environment is not secured and peaceful. These are the things which forced young people to become musicians so that they express their feelings about the hardships they have gone through. I like to give my advice to the people of South Sudan, let’s respect the artists. They are not criminals. They don’t want to join politics that is why they decided to do music as their career. The secret we should know is that these musicians gain nothing. They don’t make any money compared to other countries where artists are being paid salaries plus the money they make from other activities. Our artists here are just like volunteers. They contribute what they have to the nation. They are the teachers who show us the right direction. Why should you insult them? Do you want them to go stealing? Do you want them to go begging? Please respect them. Though their songs are being compared to those of America I see no difference. Most of them are singing about lifestyles but ours here are based on the problems which currently affect our people. The only little difference is the tune. Our singers have problems in voice and it’s a climatic problem because it is too hot to provide a conducive environment. South Sudanese musicians are making wonderful songs around the world both in modern and tradition way.  Let’s thank them for their commitment in advising the public with peace and love songs. Let’s encourage them to continue with that spirit. Let us often listen to songs on radios and TVs. Songs are powerful to make us courageous and to remember the past. Stop abusing musicians for they want to transform the image of this country to a better place. If we listen to them, we would be able to reconcile and love one another. Artists are talented than anyone else. They recall the past and predict the future. Artists have the heart of sharing with others. Instead of hiding with what they know they tell it out. They can be leaders if they have a chance to lead people. Therefore do not consider them in a negative way. It’s not the matter of what a person do, but the capacity of knowledge and wisdom should be considered. Lastly let me thank all South Sudanese musicians for their commitment in changing the society through peace songs. I appreciate you especially the biggest Artists like Emmanuel Kembe, GarangAteny, Silver X, the two queens (Zee and Boyoi), Cj Oman, Crazy Fox, Lual among the rest including me, the changes Hunter. May God bless you to do more for South Sudan?


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