A war fought by mouth is always unwinnable and causes more casualties than can be expected. There is no government official who does not declare war against hunger but when the time for going to frontline comes, none of them shows up to lead the troops in war. Woe to them! Hunger claims hundreds of lives yearly but the government prioritizes agriculture as an artillery to use against hunger and it does not implement it when the time for cultivation arrives. The land of South Sudan is so fertile that it almost summons South Sudanese why it is not cultivated. The rainfalls of South Sudan start in early March to early December,but because agriculture is prioritized verbally, the rainfalls blame themselves for being created in the land where they are not utilized to their best expectation. All requirements for fighting hunger are more than available but there are no commanders to lead troops in war.It is very unfortunate that agriculture is among the top priorities of the government but hunger still kills people as fulfillment of this particular priority is wholly poor. If individual efforts exerted on combating hunger are the ones the government relies on, then there is no an eminent warrior of hunger among those individuals than the government, and that, the government must play a key role in the elimination of hunger in South Sudan and beyond. The government is a prominent fighter of hunger because it uses mechanized farming which individuals can’t use because they have low capacities.  Indicators are blinking that hunger is intensifying in South Sudan as evidenced by the yesterday’s report by the Minister of Agriculture in Eastern Equatoria State. It shouldn’t be concluded that hunger in Torit isn’t hunger in South Sudan, ‘NO’, other states are suffering mutedly because their government is unresponsive. Because of hunger, small quarrels that are solvable become unsolvable as hunger inflames the hearts of people to fighting as the only means to solve them. All the ministries and NGOs responsible for hunger should wake up to fight it fiercely.

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