A foot for thought

Hunger in Tambora County needs support

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Information in social had it thata number of people have died of hunger in Ezo. The kind of categories of people who died of hunger was not mentioned.

Though, in situation of conflict, elder people, women and children were victims of such kind of condition.For the reason that people left their residential areas where they cultivated, relocated in different places which have a lot of challenges.

The main source of living in the states is agriculture; they cultivate and use some food for consumption. Few of them sold their commodities so that they get money for purchasing other items.

Such groups of people need to stay in one place, moving them from place to another cannot help. What had happened to them was not expected. In such situation we need to support each other. We cannot think of tribes or community where they belong to. Let us contribute food items, clothes to the needy or people of Ezo. It looks bad thatyou have food in the house and somebody die of hunger. The contribution should include Organizations, Embassies, traders and others in the country.

The current state is not easy because many people died during the time of fighting and still several of them died with hunger. Let us not watch at this condition, better to support them with whatever you have. Today is in Tambora, tomorrow will be in another County. Based on the experiences we have in the country.

Tambora County had been one of the Counties that have had not problems since the conflict erupted in 2013 up to 2016. Therefore, in this situation the more you give support to the poor people, the more God opens for you. Let us support so that God gives us more.

May God bless us all.

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