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Hundreds flock for admissions in Public Universities

By Jale Richard

Hundreds of youth yesterday crowded the offices of the Directorate of Admissions of the Ministry of High Education, Science and Technology to apply for intakes in Public Universities and colleges.

This is the first time in two years the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology is admitting new students in to the Public Universities. In 2015, the annual exercise was stopped due to lack of money.

The Directorate of Admissions will receive applications from now till September 15th September, but the deadline could be extended depending on the turn out of the students, Minister for Higher Education, Yien Oral Lam Tut said.

“We are expecting 14,000 to 15,000 students to apply for bachelor programmes and diploma programmes,” said Minister Tut.

However, only 5500 students for bachelor degrees, and 200 for diploma courses in five of the public universities; University of Juba, University of Upper Nile, Dr. John Garang University, Rumbek University, and University of Bahr-el-Ghazal according to the Minister.

Minister Tut urged secondary school leavers to apply to be considered for admissions in to the Public Universities.

He assured that the new lot of students would be able to complete their courses because the Ministry of Finance was willing to allocate some money for the public universities.

“We are optimistic that the Minister of Finance will support us and the public universities,” he said.

In the last financial year, the Ministry of Higher Education received 24 Million South Sudanese Pounds, (SSP) which was not enough. In the next financial year, Minister Tut said the committee for Education and Research in the Parliament proposed an additional 1.1 billion SSP on top of the proposals of the Minister of Finance.

“If at all this happens and is approved, I think we will be able to move the universities and the ministries forward,” he said. “We are expecting the admission will continue every year,” Tut said.

One of the applicants, Maker John said he hoped to join the university in 2016, but failed because there was no admission. “I hope I will get admitted and finish my course. I appeal to the government to continue supporting the universities so that it is not closed down before I complete,” he said.

Flora Juan Joseph said she had applied to one of the universities in Uganda, but could not join because it is expensive. “I think if I am admitted I can complete my course without much difficulty because here I don’t need to get dollars to facilitate my studies,” she said.


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