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Hundreds fled to Yei after clashes Mukaya

Mr. Kenneth Alfred Duku, Minister of Information Yei River State (Juba Monitor File Photo)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

Renewed clashes have been reported allegedly between opposition forces of former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and those of the National Movement for Change founded by former western equatorial governor joseph Bangasi Bakasoro.

The clashes have displaced hundreds of civilians from Mukaya County of Yei River State, according to Kenneth Alfred Duku, the Information Minister of Yei River State.

The civilians had only returned to the area to cultivate after they were displaced by the 2016 fighting in Yei.

Speaking on phone from yesterday, Kenneth said that there were continuous clashes in Mukaya last week displaceing hundreds of civilians who had returned to their respective villages to cultivate

“There were clashes last week between rebels loyal to Dr. Riek Machar and those loyal to Bangasi Bakasoro and up to now (yesterday) clashes still continues which has displaced a lot of people from Mukaya County now returning to Yei as results of the fights,” Duku said in an interview.

Duku said that the clashes between the two opponents had nothing to do with state government adding that they would not interfere in the fight as Yei River State was respecting the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

“We cannot do anything. We are just in our defensive positions to protect civilians and if the rebels attack our forces we can respond in self-defence and to defend our civilians. If they are clashing among themselves we will not interfere because of respecting the CoH and Khartoum declaration,” Duku added.

Meanwhile the Sudan People’s Liberation Army Spokesperson Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang told Juba Monitor said that the SPLA had not received any information about the rebels fighting themselves.

“We have not received such reports. We had briefing in the morning and there was no indication that there were clashes over the weekend,” Lul told Juba Monitor yesterday.

Lul added that he had no idea and comment about the rebels fighting themselves citing that the fight had nothing to do with the security of Yei River State.

Both the government and all opposition factions had late last month agreed and signed a recommitment document on permanent cessation of hostilities agreement in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Reports however indicated that the CoH was violated the very day it came to an effect as directed by the mediators with many attacks still ongoing among rebel groups across the country.



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