Humanitarian worker killed in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

A humanitarian worker belonging to Veterinary San Frontier (VSF) Germany has been killed in Lakes State, the Police authorities confirmed.

One person was wounded as the vehicle they were travelling with was ambushed and attacked by unknown gunmen last week on Friday.

The Acting commissioner of Police in Cuei-bet County of Lakes State Col. Machar Majak Muorwel told Juba Monitor that the deceased was working with VSF Germany as a veterinary Doctor for animals’ vaccination.

He added that the suspects are still not known but they are being pursued.

“We are suspecting their rivalry sections of Pagok, Kongor and Waat, but investigation is going and we are following the suspects,” said Col. Majak.

He said security forces were being mobilized to provide protection to people residing in Cuei-bet town.

“He was shot dead by unknown criminals in vehicle and the foreigner that was travelling with him to Rumbek was also wounded,” said Col. Majak.

The Secretary General of defunct Gok State Zeckariah Mamer Thokgor urged the relatives of the deceased to remain calm and allow the government to apprehend the suspects and bring them to account.

Mamer said the incident occurred as VSF staff were heading to Rumbek to transport the vaccines.

He stated that security forces had managed to deter the angry group who wanted to stage a revenge killing in Cuei-bet town after hearing the incident  of the  killing of the worker who belong to the area.

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