Humanitarian aid reaches desperate IDPs in Bangasu


Hundreds of people sheltering from violence at Bangasu camp in the Western Equatorian region of South Sudan have received humanitarian relief for the first time since they fled their homes in June. An UNMISS peacekeeping patrol has provided safe passage for the delivery of aid by humanitarian agencies to more than 800 households at two camps, who received cooking utensils, buckets and tarpaulins to provide much-needed shelter from the heavy rains. The journey to these camps involves the convoy navigating waterlogged roads damaged by heavy rain and the war that has ravaged South Sudan for almost four years. Those sheltering at Bangasu camp say both sides involved in the ongoing conflict are responsible for their predicament.

South Sudan camp crime cut by half: UN police coordinator

Residents of a camp for internally displaced people in South Sudan have worked with the UN in the country to cut incidents of crime in the camp by half. The Protection of Civilians site (PoC) in Bentiu which was established by the UN peacekeeping mission, UNMISS, currently accommodates 115,000 people, all

of whom have fled their homes as a result of the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. Francis Yiribaare of Ghana is the UN Police Coordinator for the PoC site. Daniel Dickinson met him in Bentiu and asked him to describe the security challenges in and around the POC.

Special court could aid peace process between warring groups in northern South Sudan

The establishment of a new special court to resolve cases of cattle raiding between communities in the northern regions of Warrap and Bahr El Ghazal could contribute to peacebuilding efforts, according to participants at a peace conference. Political and religious leaders joined traditional chiefs and representatives of women’s, youth, and civil society groups at a two-day Border Peace Initiative in Kuacjok, sponsored by UNMISS. The participants agreed on 13 resolutions designed to protect the interests of the communities that share an internal border, including a proposal to establish a joint court to deal with cattle rustling and theft. This would contribute to efforts to build durable peace in the area which has been devastated by ongoing intercommunal conflict between the Apuk and Aguok communities

Orphaned children and UNMISS personnel come together for Eid Al-Adha celebrations

The sound of children clapping, singing, and laughing joyfully resonated loudly throughout the compound at the Hope for South Sudan Orphanage in Moti as Eid Al-Adha celebrations got underway. The children were joined by staff from UNMISS who have a close bond with the orphans after conducting special patrols to the orphanage when it was caught in the crossfire between government and opposition forces. UNMISS civilian staff, UN police officers, and Rwandan peacekeepers volunteered their time supporting the event in the spirit of giving back to the community as well as enjoying themselves by dancing, singing and playing games with the children.

Talks underway to enable the safe return of internally displaced people to their communities in Wau

Medina Daniel and her nine children have been sheltering at the Protection of Civilians site, next to the UNMISS base in Wau, for more than a year. She fled her home in the village of Angisa, about 40 kilometers south-west of the town, last year when fresh conflict erupted in her village and across South Sudan. While she’s grateful for the protection, life is a challenge in the camp with her family of 11 forced to squeeze into the same small shelter. A consultative meeting was held in Wau between UNMISS, humanitarian agencies, community leaders representing those who are internally displaced, and the Government to find a way to provide a more secure environment so people can start to return to their homes. All parties acknowledge that they need to create a safe environment out in the community while also ensuring the protection of the 33,000 vulnerable people living in the Wau site continues.

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