Humanitarian affairs to improve service delivery

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management is developing policies to improve service delivery, said Laurence Akola Sarafino, the Director General.

The policies are being developed with funding from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Laurence Akola Sarafino said his ministry is reviewing and formulating a five year strategic plan in a bid to improve service delivery in the humanitarian sector in the country.

He said the plan would help provide support in areas of budget preparation, human resource and financial management to ensure quality delivery of services to the citizens.

“We are now reviewing and developing a five year strategic plan to evaluate the performance and address the challenges on how best we could timely and efficiently deliver quality services to the needy population”.

Sarafino said his ministry is tasked to formulate, develop, coordinate and facilitate implementation of sound policies for performance improvement in terms of quality and timely delivery of services to the vulnerable population across the country.

He further said that his ministry is charged with responsibilities to increase resource mobilization and capacity building, to provide a strong link between humanitarian affairs and other benevolent sectors.

“ It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to coordinate response to disasters, lobby and submit funding proposals to donors and increase resource mobilization for budgetary allocation”, he said.

He added that his ministry will continue working hard and exert more efforts to improve delivery of humanitarian assistant to those affected by conflict.

Sarafino underlined the need for more training of staff in the area of capacity building through internal and external development in order to deliver quality services.

He stressed the need to provide technical and non-technical capacity to supervise implementation of programmes and strategic plans in humanitarian and disaster management sectors.

The Director General appealed to donor partners to join hands with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in strengthening human resource capacity and initiate mobilization of funds to implement the programme.

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