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Human trafficking looms along the borders

By Yiep Joseph

The state directors for Immigration decried constant trafficking of aliens through the borders of the country by security forces, a move that reduces revenue collection in the states.

This report came during the last day of the two days leadership workshop for immigration officials.

In his report, the Director for Immigration for Western Bahr El Ghazel state eMadut Malek complained that human trafficking along Sudan became rampantly practiced by the security attaches.

He accused National security officials of interference in the activities of immigration through Human smuggling

He also accused and blamed the numerous security attachésat the border point who branched from their assignment role and resort to malpractices.

“Involvement of security organ into our work is a very big problem in my state” Madut said.

However, Manar Anyieth Agoot, the director of immigration in Abyei Administrative area also reaffirmed that human smuggling remained an issue, citing that a huge network is set up from Juba to the state dealing with smuggling.

“There is a network of smugglers set here from Juba up to the state that deals with Human smuggling,” Manar said.

He revealed that most of the checkpoints in the area had been closed due to last year orders.

Manar called on the DNPI to work hand in hand with the people of Abyei, citing that the conditions of the Immigration remain poor and underdeveloped in Abyei.

In his part Brig Gen Joseph MonybuonyChol, the Director of Immigration, Upper Nile state called on the Director-General to prioritize dealing with interference from security forces.

He reported that some South Sudanese protected the foreigners to dodge payment hence reducing revenue collection at the state level.

“Security officials smuggle people directly to Juba through borders of Renk, Palou among others, especially during the dry season,” Chol said.

He also accused some officials of giving out Refugee Identity cards to traders in order to dodge payment at the borders.

Chol placed huge blame on National security in interfering with the work of immigration officials in all the borders of the country.

He called on the National government not to blame state authorities in regards to revenue collection at the borders, citing great interference.

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