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Human rights groups call on youth to advocate for peace

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Governor of Human Rights advised youth and women to advocate for peace in the country.

Speaking during the launch of reconciliation, stabilization and resilience program, Jenifer Yabu encouraged women to stand for their rights. the responsibility of bringing peace in Yei and South Sudan lies in the hands of the citizens

“People of greater Yei, let us take this opportunity to bring peace because UNMISS and IOM have done their parts and now the responsibility is ours more especially the women and Youths of the four counties including persons living with disability. I want to say this to my fellow women, let us come up, we should not be under the men, we need to wake up and be treated as women because we have the right to lead this country and if time comes, we may have female governor,”

At the same time, National Minister for Peace Building, Stephen Par Kuol, argued that lack of peace means lacks of good leadership.

He called on the army commanders to be good and instil discipline on soldiers in order to use the difference of the parties for progress.

“If our people are not in peace, that means we need good the army we say there are bad soldiers but bad commanders. When commanders are good, the army is this country must lead by political leaders who do not see only differences but rather use the differences for political progress, you don’t see the leaders of other political parties as enemies to your government even if they are political rivals, they are still south Sudanese to work with you, “ minister said.

Central Equatoria State Minister of Youths and Sports, Peter Baptist Abakan, appealed to Yei River County Commissioner to create a space for building stadium for recreation and social cohesion for youth.

Peter called on the government of central Equatoria and other states to provide space for young people for recreational activities.

“One of the challenges that face young people is that there is no space. I appeal to the government of central Equatoria and other states to provide space to the young people for recreational activities,”

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