Human rights defenders acquire skills

By Martha David  

Human rights defenders are attending three-day training on how to report and protect human rights violations in the country.

The training that started yesterday was organized by South Sudan Human Rights Commission in collaboration with South Sudan Human Rights Network.

Speaking during the training in Juba, Beny Eideon Mabor one of the commissioners of South Sudan Human Rights Commission said the training seeks to help participants document, monitor, and report alleged human rights violations.

“This also would help them to do lobby and advocate and strategise so that the state authority can be able to understand the violation of human rights according to constitutional obligation that is why South Sudan Human Rights Network  organized the training,” Mabor said.

He said the training was the first of its kind for human rights defenders in South Sudan

“This also trains them on how to take action against human rights violations,” Mabor added.


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