Human rights commission concerned over increasing impunity

South Sudan Human Rights Commission has expressed deep concerns over growing impunity in the country following the shooting of three people at Juba Hai Commercial residential area on Saturday.

“The commission is more concerned about the growing impunity with which national security personnel are conducting vigilante activities as demonstrated such acts of violence against the civil population,” the Acting Chairperson said.

On Saturday, a group of people selling fuel at Hai Commercial Street of Juba were shot and wounded by two vehicles reportedly of national security.

Nyuol Justin Yaac said the motive of the shooting was unknown.

South Sudan Human Rights Commission said that it learnt on the 7th May, the same vehicle carried some people who shot and killed one called Manut Row in the same area.

Yaac is calling upon the concerned authorities to apprehend the perpetrators of crimes to face the consequences of the law regardless of their status.

He added that the commission would follow up on the issue and ensure that law and order are maintained and enforced in the country without fear or favor.

Yaac also appealed to the Transitional National Legislative Assembly to address the issue together with the Executives.

He said the organized forces should respect civilians and refrain from excessive use of force to promote co-existence between organized forces and the civil population.

By Jale Richard

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