Human right violations is not stable

By: Martha David

The Acting chairperson for South Sudan Human Rights Commission Nyol Justin Yac said human rights violation in the country keeps on rising and reducing.

While addressing journalists in Juba on Monday, Mr. Yac said that there was no specific status of the human rights violations in the country.

“There are violations that go up and others that come down depending on the situations we are facing,” Yac said.

The program was organized by South Sudan Human Rights Commission in partnership with Coalition of civil Society and United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).   

He stated that most of the violations that happened during the conflict have been mitigated since there was general amnesty and Cessation of hostilities that was signed in 2017.

He added that other violations still take place even in peace terms and those violations are still happening.  

In regards to conflict, there is reduction in the affected areas.  

“The only problem is that we seem to be oriented to this positions where we see from the length of conflict related violations and once there is no conflict and the violations don’t happen we seem to think that all are gone away, there are other violations that happen in peaceful settings and that need to be attended to,” Mr. Yac added.

Meanwhile Akwera Lily, representative of civil society coalition said the human rights violations continue to happen.

She said most of the violations happen outside Juba including child soldiers, sexually related violence against women and girls.

Lily explained that to bring peace in the country, the issues have to be resolved.

“Everyone is yarning for peace, let the peace be implemented and the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity will help resolve other issues because once the government is formed at least some other issues like violence related to conflict would really stop,” lily added.

She added that as a coalition they were monitoring and working collectively with South Sudan Human Rights Commission.

Lily pointed out that many recommendations have been set but most of it has been ratified and some are still on the process.

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