Human Right Commission concludes induction Workshop

By John Agok

South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC)  yesterday undertook Induction Workshop that drawn state Chairpersons of Human Rights Commissions at all ten States, in bid to enlighten on reminding state governments of  its obligations of upholding human rights.

The Induction Workshop for states Human Rights Commissions was under the theme; “Defining   A Human Rights Institutional Architecture for South Sudan”

Nyuol Justin the acting Chairperson for SSHRC and Adv. Benny Gideon the Commissioner presented Communique which read: “The Communique for the first session joint meeting of South Sudan Human Rights Commissions (SSHRC) and states Human Rights Commission.

The meeting that was officially opened by Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin the Minister in office of President, which brought in attendance Samuel Doe the UNDP Representative and UNMISS Human Rights Department for Human Rights South Sudan Mr.Musa Gassama, together with three members from states that included; State chairperson, Deputy Chair and one Member.

The meeting was recalling and reminding state government on legal framework for Human Rights under international standards and National Constitution Art. 146   with provision under R-ARCSS signed in 2018 to hold them accountable for its state obligations, in upholding standard of Human Rights protection and fulfillment.

Request South Sudan Human Rights Commission (SSHRC) and R- TGONU to continue supporting and providing technical support to Human Rights Commission”, Communique concluded.

Nevertheless, Justin Nyuol echoed that, you have to create WhatsUp platform for you to share your challenges at states, and  us in Headquarter here. But we shall overcome them with time. You need to have passion too, in doing Human Rights business “, he said.

Nyuol added that, you need Courage to do this Human Rights work and achieve the bigger picture of it. For us to facilitate this, it is is through UNDP finding this very activity, and we are very thankful to them .I know your logistical issues among others are immediate challenges facing you.

He disclosed that, he would give recommendation to state governors in respecting the roles and mandates of State Human Rights Commission.

“Activism is your critical role and mandate to play together with CSO. I would encourage your offices to be visited by all political parties as stipulated by R-ARCSS for you to stand your ground of being independent, and avoid being accused of any political affiliation that dictate you of what to do. Certainly, you need to build your credibility and be able to put a check on government”, he underscored.

South Sudan Human Rights Commission are accountable to their states Assembly and Executive not SSHRC, but we are partners.

The Induction Workshop for States Human Rights Commissions was funded by UNDP.

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