Hujang Royal kingdom celebrate Efira

By Emelda Siama John

The Royal Hujang Kingdom of  Otuho community in Eastern Equatoria State has over the weekend celebrated a traditional festival known as Efira.

Efira is a handover ceremony of power to the next generation of monye-miji after twenty two years.

Vitale Abure Lomiluk Ohide ,  the King of Hujang kingdom said that the work of the devil has spoiled everything because people do not want to see good things.

“ According to Efira,  sticks (alori) will be together and placed in the middle of the field where the money-mijiwill dance around them and use them to make fire. After  that people will meet to discuss the festival then they will bring the drums outside where  the members of the community will start beating them.|Then the monye-miji will rotate the mountain, after grabbing the fire and go to their villages,” said Abure.

He stressed that alcohol has spoiled young people and many of them have remained bachelors.  He stated that dowry in Otuho land should be limited to 12 cows and reasonable monetary payment so that young men and young ladies can get married and produce children. |He emphasized that the youth should stop drinking alcohol.

“All monye-miji grab the fire and they run with it before naming the new generation. This shows that monye-miji don’t want him, no respect, he wasn’t happy but many people talk a lot, he will forgive them, and let us pray for them so that God will change their heart, the name that he would give to them is (anya wotoro)  which means bees which bring honey so that Hujang kingdom will continue with it sweetness,” he cited.

Meanwhile Stella Iromo Vitale the Minister of Culture Youth and Sports, Eastern Equatoria State said that the youth should stop drinking all types of alcohol. She reiterated that when you drink you will just think of stealing, killing your brother, you don’t respect your mother and your father, you don’t even know who is your God, you don’t respect your king whom you follow.

“When my home is not clean, no one will visit it but they visit the clean home, you have to be clean, we emulate how other people live. You are the ones who fought for this country,  but you didn’t enjoy its fruit, why because you are killing yourselves , you are hating yourselves, you even instigate a fight  between villages The key of life is given to you, If you want to open the way of life or the way of death you are responsible for it,” Iromo said.

She stated that the youth of Eastern Equatoria State  should love  their country and they should not lose hope. She advised them to produce and take care of their children while their parents are still alive.

“ You youth should reconcile and unite with your brothers. You should cooperate, be friends with one each other, you will become leaders one day. You should respect your government, educate your children, respect your priests, respect your king this is the way how people stayed,” she added.

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