Hujang, Maya Kingdoms to foster relations

By Kabaka Quintous

Maya and Hujang Kingdoms of Otuho community in Eastern Equatoria state have vowed to promote peace and reconciliation among them.

The two kingdoms have never been in good terms with one another for a decade. Maya headquarters is located in Hiyalla village while Hujang is in Tirangore

King Vitale Abure of Hujang Kingdom said they intended to cooperate with the state government to foster peace in the two sisterly kingdoms.

He said his administration would work closely with the government to ensure that peace and stability was restored in their communities and Eastern Equatoria State at large.

“We are going to work for peace, reconciliation and other things in our communities and the two kings have to cooperate with the government like in greater Britain where there is a government and a kingdom they will always have one voice for the people,” King Vitale said.

“We are with the government because if we could not cooperate then there is no peace,” he added.

Conflicts in the two kingdoms are characterized by Cattle raids, road ambushes and revenge attacks.

Earlier King Vitale blamed the area intellectuals and politicians for abandoning their role as shepherds of the community.

In their meeting with Governor Louis Lobong on Friday, King Vitale said the politicians from their area both in Torit and Juba have failed to come home to reconcile them on the conflict over Torit East.

He promised to work with the state government to address the issue of insecurity in the two Kingdoms to allow services reach the people.

Governor Louis Lobong commended the two Kings and the team for the initiative to embrace peace and reconcile among themselves.

He said his administration would work with each community in the State to ensure that Eastern Equatoria becomes the most peaceful and development hub in the country.

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