A foot for thought

How you begin a week

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Last week, I wrote about weekend and narrated how people could conduct themselves in social gathering with Coronavirus Pandemic for example, in the funeral place. There are no many activities being organized these days than funerals which occurred accidentally and could not be avoided. On Monday some people would report to the office others will not because of lock down. Several insinuations are working from home, following the instruction announced by the government for the period of one month.

Due to this condition, it is becoming difficult to follow up official issues; you cannot follow matters of office from home. The only institution working full time is media that is why people get information through media whether it is print or electronic.  Public rely on media on pandemic update. In this regards the lives of journalists are at risk, as they interact with different people not knowing their status.

Each media house is struggling to make sure that they work in order to provide public with information. What could be done to media houses especially private media houses who are working very hard since last year when Coronavirus broke out in the country.  The question is, who is reading newspapers and listening to radio stations and watching television. There is no consideration for media houses and especially journalists who are risking themselves in the field.

Addition to that, there is no any organization supporting private media houses. I am not complaining but telling the situation of journalists in the country. How many government officials found positive with Coronavirus in which some journalists interacted with them in the process of getting information. However, we have business men in this country that I cannot mention their names but are not even supporting media.

Is there anyoneto help media houses in this critical condition?

God says, ask and you will be given, knock and the door will be open for you. Mat 7:7. This is how I begin my week dear readers and entire people of South Sudan.

I know many of you may understand and few would ignore this information. At the end we need the future of media in the country as you know how much media help with information and connect people from one place to another.  During the lock down you need to know what is going on, you will not find any information except through radio, Televisions and thenewspapers. Together let us cooperate and support one another for the sustainability of information in the country.

May God bless us all.

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