How women empower fellows to become economically stable


By Sarah Kiko

Florence Nora is the Executive Director of Liwolo Women Development Association, a local organisation empowering women in South Sudan.

Noar’s organization is empowering women in her community to be economically independent through the sanduk sanduk initiative.

With the help of other women, Florence was able to mobilize 50 women in 2005 in Khartoum to work with. The women were empowered financially so as to help each other in any difficult time. Every activity done by the group is taken to the grassroots. This is to ensure their fellow village mates get access to information and what others are also doing in the city.

Through the sanduk sanduk women were united to earn want they wanted best for themselves. She said the name Liwolo came by when they realized they are from one village in Kajokeji County.

Nora came back from Khartoum in 2014 and found most of her fellow women in the group had also come back and they decided to keep the spirit of the group to continue.

“Liwolo is empowering women through counseling young and newly married couples. Praying for the sick ones and supporting each other in funeral places,” Nora said.

She explained that when conflict fell out between the kuku and the Madi people, she gathered some of the  women again to come to the rescue of the war victims in Kajo-Keji by providing for them old clothes, plates and cups to support themselves. They also contributed one bag of sugar and one box of soap to the victims in Yambio. Particularly, those who were caught up in the fire when a petrol tank caught fire and killed several people in Western Equatoria state in 2015.

The organization has been implementing good projects on sexual harassment, dialogue on reconciliation and forgiveness supported by democracy international. They also conducted GBV workshop at Jopa which was support by Union of Journalists.

“We hope to get donors to support us so we can also support the rest of the women,” said Florence.





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