How Trinity Energy defied impossible odds to reach this far

By Ngor Khot Garang

When the world was hit by the pandemic in early 2020, Coronavirus, many people were brought down on their knees. A lot of foreign businesses fell off the wagon never to rise again and all the affairs of life were brought to a standstill. Many people lost their jobs and companies cut the salaries of their employees leaving thousands of people struggling to put decent meals on the table.

At the international level, the story has not been different, airports attendants became jobless and many oil firms closed forever. The challenges have never been easy and it has been one challenge after the other. In South Sudan, the virus came to bring many businesses down.  It didn’t come specifically for those businesses. It came for all but there is one indigenous oil company, Trinity Energy Company that stood out and grabbed it all by the horns.

The double blow of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the oil price shock sliced a great dagger against the heart of oil-exporting developing countries particularly hard at a time when the fossil fuel industry is facing a process of structural decline.

Although some countries might weather the current crisis on the back of sovereign wealth funds or relatively low public debt levels, this will not be the case for the majority of fragile oil-exporting countries like South Sudan, many of which are resource-dependent and were already grappling with high levels of debt and multifaceted economic and social fragility before the present crisis. Some countries may find themselves entering a spiral of unsustainable borrowing on the back of the current turmoil, as oil-exporting developing countries have experienced an increased reliance on short-term and expensive non-concessional private borrowing in recent years, a significant proportion of which is backed by oil collateral.

The trend has been worsened by the failing economy that has made people vulnerable. When the economy is bad and everything is not working for everyone, people will embark on the blame game which never help this time. We cannot close our eyes to the fact that companies like Trinity have seen the worse of time in their business life.

The coming of Covid 19 came at a time when the country was already battling with economy crisis and long civil war. The people who also happened to be client live hand to mouth. The middle income for an average South Sudanese is less than USD ten a month. And the oil pricing. This makes it pretty harder for domestic companies like Trinity to balance their weighing scale to help the citizens and themselves. Should they go for-profit and leave the citizens down on their feet?

This was not good and of course, we are all in this together. The Boda-Boda community which is mostly dominated by young South Sudanese largely depended on Trinity and they will continue to do so for a good number of years as long as their pricing is still in place and pocket friendly. There are several reasons as to why people put their trust on this oil firm. It is because of its fair pricing. Boda-boda has become a good business in South Sudan but sometimes it bites when the oil prices pop up.

Trinity has faced a number of challenges trying to be a Good Samaritan in a business world. Since its birth in 2012, it has remained firm despite all the challenges that came on its way.  The firm has learned earlier to play its cards well and not to leave anybody behind. The goal was to serve South Sudan and to rise together with those who needed a leaning shoulder on the way. Trinity has supported a dozen of university students by paying their tuition fees and it has been a journey of self-discovery.

To be successful at anything, one has to put people’s interest above his own and this has been the nature of Trinity Energy. If all the citizens were given a chance to express how helpful the firm has been to them, nobody will be blind to the fact that Trinity has been one of the standing indigenous companies in the country. As a matter of fact, Trinity Energy managed to rescue the fuel crisis in the country by putting the interest of citizens above the business interest. This is because they are local and they are here to stay.

Amidst all the odds that stood on the way, they managed to provide a durable solution for stabilizing sustainability in fuel supply in the country by building the biggest reserved depot in Nesitu. You cannot do something great tomorrow for your people because tomorrow may never come. If there is something you feel you can contribute to the people, do it now because tomorrow is an illusion. Trinity puts their client at the front seat for the smooth continuity in their services irrespective of what situation they are in.

Trinity continues to dominate the market because they give quality and affordable service that can be accessed by everyone. This company has come a long way and it blossoms even in challenging times in so many ways.  To break it down.

1: Creation of jobs, one of the country’s greatest challenges is the continuous production of university graduates without jobs. The job market in the country has been very unfair for the growing younger population who are believed to be tomorrow’s leaders but Trinity came with a helping hand and has more than 3000 people employed in various fields. This is a major achievement by the company that has refused to be swayed by the wind.  This is economy contribution and youth empowerment combined.

2. Durable solution for the crisis, South Sudan has always been faced with fuel shortages on all fronts but Trinity has never for one reason or another let their client down. They ensured that all is in place. This was done through the depots as a reserve that will continue to give robust services.

3. Affordable pricing, for a number of reasons, this is what we call generosity in business. It is when the business person puts himself in the shoes of a client. The situation in South Sudan is very dire and the economy is very unfriendly. The pricing offered by Trinity Energy has been very friendly for the struggling people of South Sudan.Trinity has always been with the citizens during difficult times and stands with social responsibilities as their core value.

4: The international recognition by ISO, the country’s first and leading company, Trinity Energy was years ago certified by the international Organization for standardization (ISO) after passing through implementations, projects and procedures and later succeeded as a company. This did not come on a silver platter. It has been a series of hard work and mountains of challenges.

There are several achievements including the volume of the fuel brought in and how it was distributed in parts of the country to cushion the situation then. The good fight during the trying moments when Covid-19  came coupled with the truck drivers’ strike that took the center stage. It would be like recapturing the success in the year 2021 and plan of action for this year. We cannot finish the line with all the positive parts of the company and indeed there have also been manageable challenges on the way.

Following talks geared towards pre-emptive of some malicious reports against the company, Trinity is with full knowledge  that it is not new or the first time and will always be coined to suit those with ill-intention against the success of this institution.  In life however, not everyone will appreciate your good work.  Your success alone will remind people of their own failures.

The general public will have their own judgments to make if the recycled rumors about Trinity are true or not. These are suggestions to defuse and beat the odds out of those behind the false information. People should not run into conclusions and if they are so eager to do so without prior thinking, they have to know that the above are well thought of or if you have other plans of action in place.

The domestic sector if supported can without doubt unblock the opportunities that we seek as a country. This is to say that, for South Sudan to revive its ailing economy and put development progress back on track after years of conflict and instability, private sector engagement through investments and public-private partnerships is an absolute must.

However, despite the importance of the private sector in developing South Sudan’s economy, these private firms should keep well aware that the South Sudanese people’s welfare should always come first before profit. Trinity Energy has done this for years and the sisterly companies must be empowered to provide the same services to the people of South Sudan.

 To go back to the hearsay, we don’t have to take things at face value. Some of the things are cooked up to bring others down. These domestic companies like Trinity deserve all the needed support from the people. Some information are baseless and are mostly exaggerated by other media outlets.

Trinity has been with South Sudanese from the beginning and it will forever be come rain or sunshine. The Company as you know is doing its best and this will raise the eyebrows of competitors. You are nobody if you don’t face criticism in life. It is when you are doing great that you must be ready to face both praises and criticisms. Thehearsaywere brought forward by the enemies to bring the company down.

What we must not forget is the fact what has already been erected is not easy to be brought down by the enemy if the person who did it is still watchful. Trinity has come a long way. At first, it was 2013 civil war which brought great loss to the people of South Sudan just one year after its birth. Many were brought down that time by the war and nobody knew Trinity would swim to the shore. Then it came another war in 2016, this was very devastating but the company remained unshaken. This has been story of success, pain and hope for the struggling companies.

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