How to discover your talent

By: Ben Patrick

This is the first question that mostly comes to a person’s mind when they see an actor’s paycheck or a huge crowd cheering at Luther Vandross.

I mostly used to give the cliché answers of discovering one’s purpose and getting to know oneself, until eventually, I understood it better.

Now, to break this down, one needs to understand that there are two types of talents. There are common talents as well as silent talents, those talents that will not raise the whole world to cerebrate your life.

So, if you are driven my fundraising dreams, your pursuit will go in vain. I believe people who seek for talent while driven by the desire to obtain a sense of purpose and wholeness are the people who truly find it and make use of it.

A talent is the channel we use to fulfill our destinies and add colour to the world. It’s not a tool for shaming the hater or making young boys swear and curse as they follow the lyrics to your song.

Exercising your talent is simply inviting the world to fit in your world. It’s giving people a taste of what it feels like to live inside of you; to trade your thoughts in exchange with a person’s ear or heart.

It should not be the reason you undermine others but a way to uplift other people’s spirits. If your talents do not depict heaven, then discover your voice before you can use it to sing. Be a blessing.

For those who want to discover their talent.

When approaching the journey to talent discovery, don’t go seeing for fame. Not every hero parted the sea, some gave you life. Yes, your mum, daddy, like Mandela, is a hero. Not every heroic act will gather an audience for you. Some talents will serve only a person or two.

Know the temperature of the tea you like. Hilarious, but this just stands to emphasize on the need to know oneself in depth. Know what makes you at peace. When I discovered the kind of work I enjoyed, it paved way for me to discover more about myself, because whenever I write, I often have some soul music playing in the background and nice books am reading. Be honest with your taste; be true to your unique preferences. It will set you on the right path. Talent sets you apart, so you have to be on a unique route to get to it. Because believe me, talent only embraces uniqueness.

Try out different talents. Some people’s talent is copying. When you copy a talent, it’s called a skill. That’s why people learn art and manage to pass it. Talents can be copied, they can be learnt and developed.

Care is also talent, the case of Florence Nightingale, who gained her popularity by virtue of caring for others. Mother Theresa too, cared so much that she is cerebrated for it.

For those who already know their talents.

It is wise to have a direction and sense of purpose if you already know what your talent is. Trust me, a person with a good voice can sing anything, but what gives that voice a pure significance is what lies in the soul that contains it. Talent consumes when concealed or used wrongly. Because if the music you make is wrong, then it corrupts you and will eventually gain you a large audience that will feed on your sin, and that will definitely make you feel undeserving and guilty. Talk of celebrities and drugs.

If you have discovered your talent, grow it. It doesn’t ask for much but just a little time. It’s a peaceful place, go there often. It’s a good place to escape, it fulfills a longing and makes you find peace.

We all have talents, just find a tool that fix something about this world, and gives you peace when using.

Let your talents depict heaven.

Ben Patrick is a PhD Fellow at University of Aberdeen, Senior Consultant and Cofounder ShimaHR Consultants Limited.

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