How soon will our economy recover?

So many promises have been made about the recovery of the economy since 2013 when the conflict worsened the economic situation in the country.Our local currency SSP lost value against the USD leaving the layman down there with many challenges as far as the hiking prices of commodities in the market is concerned.

When the new governor of the Bank of South Sudan took office, he said that the economy would recover within three months, we are still counting from the day he was appointed to now, I think it is beyond three months now.

One thing I like about our people is the element of absorbing matters because majority are not educated and feel they cannot do much about it.

Most of our people do not know their rights; they think keeping quiet is the way forward and each time they hear the word economy recovery they celebrate and imagine that walking up the following day, they will find economy recovery at their door steps.

In Tuesday paper of 15th August 2017 page one the same statement is reported by the Vice President, the statement is wonderful because it keeps the fire of Hope burning in our hearts but not telling us exactly when is the soon, is the soon going to be tomorrow, next week, next year or next century.

“South Sudan will soon recover from its fallen economy if the oil refineries are opened in Unity and upper Nile states,” said Igga.

I am sure whoever read that line was all full of hope. Let’s start the count down and wait soon for the economy to recover as we still continue to see Umbrella forex hiding themselves in the Markets, this day people make contacts to get hard currency.

All we need is peace all over the country where I can go to Bor and buy fresh fish to be sold in Juba without any worries of being attacked; we need peace so that I can go to Nimule buy goods and bring them to Juba and be sure to be in the city within two hours.

Peace is the key to economy recovery in my opinion as different stake holders will feel safe and free to pay their role towards economic recovery, it is not about the oil refinery, economy recovery is about Agriculture, tourism and attraction, industrial development and much other development shall lead us to economic recovery.

Economy recovery to me is peace and once we have peace in the country economic recovery will soon be felt.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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