Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

We were in a discussion with a friend who is in the “know” and who brought about a subject of a young man killing his father instantly because of his father’s land. The young man who is in custody right now wanted a share of his father’s land but was not patient enough to wait for the old man to give in to his demand. This young man may lose it all and if he is lucky will live forever with memories of his father at the back of his mind. My friend wondered why this kind of anger drove the young man against his father. I reminded him that it was not new and that such cases were almost everywhere in the world where off-spring or children take advantage of their old parents to claim ownership of what they had not worked for. It is like the world was closing down of some section of the society. Or is guidance and proper-up bringing the cause of the world disorder in the youth. Sometime, most of them want to remain dependent on their parents even if they have come of age to be independent and do the best on his/her own. It is worse when the parents are well to do and provide them with all their needs. True a child belong to parents but one thing must be made clear in mind that there is time to bring-up, to give or provide and time for them to take the mantle and walk their own journey to the preferred destination. This does not mean he/she is being ignored or disadvantaged, but being made to understand that they should be able to make their own independent decisions for their own present and future life. Every parent wants their children to be upright, responsible and self-reliant in life after their education. Anything contrary to these, are not acceptable, but the world is taking these away and majority of them remain suspect of their own future lives. How then should we have a society of well nurtured and disciplined youth who are able to fit in the shoes of their parents and the country at large? The above case might be just one of its kinds among many more. The truth is the world is changing or has changed that we of the yesteryears look at it as if we no longer belong. It reminds me of a saying by a one-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill that “ I took a taxi one day to the BBC office for an interview. When l arrived l asked the driver to wait for me for forty minutes until l got back, but the driver apologized and said, “l cant because l have to go home to listen to Winston Churchill’s speech.  I was amazed and delighted with the man’s desire to listen to my speech. So l took out ten pounds and gave it to the taxi driver without telling him who l was. When the driver collected the money l will wait for hours until you come back sir, and let Churchill go to hell”.

You can see how principals have been modified by money, nations sold for money, families split for money, friends separated for money, people killed for money and people being made slaves because of money. It is only the almighty who can help us to overcome this temptation.

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