Editorial 23rd May 2018

As rightly predicted, rainy season is here with us and will remain so for some time. This is a fact. Why is this becoming important to all of us is because, the wanting drainage system in which rubbish, dirt and all types of unwanted dirt are washed into either residential areas or into the main river where majority get their domestic water for use. The weathermen have all along been aware of the impending disasters of the flood and its effects. This is the time when all sorts of diseases are ready to attack. It is also the time when health personnel should be on the alert for any eventuality. This is because this week driving in areas of Tongping and its surrounding, flooded water moved with speed that could beat renown marathon runners of the world or the authorizes responsible for these control ought to have warned the public of the pending danger. They should have ensured the drainage system in the capital city is working. The public in water points where they could be facing danger and their families should have been taken care of. There seems to have been laxity in service provision and delivery by those paid by tax-payers money. They seem to have neglected or abandoned all together their work. They should pull up their socks and do what is needed or required of them. There is no other word to describe what is on the going. It is clear that the rains have come and the pending danger in most suburbs of Juba City and its environs is nothing less than the wondering flood and unseen diseases. Any positive order in administration demands of effective service delivery by those in-charge of public institutions. This is one thing which is not being articulated properly and which is hindering the progress of service to the public. Let the weathermen do their work and other institutions related to this phenomenon follow suit.

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