How people drink in Juba

By: David Taban Chance

South Sudan is the new born nation in Africa that got independent in 2011. The economic crisis that happens was as a result of mismanagement and lack of economic planning.

The country is rich in natural resources compare to its population. People develop hatred and tribalism to suit their interest.

The worse disease that is killing South Sudan is alcohol especially in Juba. Everywhere in the city you must find bars, hotels, and some small shops for drinking alcohol. The country has spent a lot of money in importing alcohol from the neighboring countries.

Almost all people in Juba city drinks alcohol and it has become one of the most essential drinks in the town regardless of the age, gender and sex.

Some parent lost their responsibilities because they concentrate on drinking. You may find that during the weekend people drinks from morning up to evening leaving their children and wives without feeding and proper care.

They sometimes come home late and quarrel with their wives and fight them. The children are left home without school fees.

As a result most children have become street children and homeless. They start taking alcohol early and it engages in crime including theft and robberies.

Alcohol has done more harm in Juba. People become addicted to alcohol and it has made them slaves. Without it they can’t live happily.

The issue of alcohol has contributed a lot to the economic crisis in the country because people use a lot of money in drinking alcohol than food.
Especially in Juba during weekend you may find that people park their most expensive vehicles near the bars and hotels.
They use thousands of pounds for drinking every day.  That is the money which is supposed to be use for their families is waste on alcohol.

The government should impose some rule to regulate the drinking and reduce the percentage of the importing alcohol from the neighboring countries.

The too much drinking of alcohol can cause many diseases and it destroyed our organs slowly, soon it will lead to death.

Many people in South Sudan think that drinking too much alcohol is a freedom and rights. The problem is we South Sudanese cannot distinguish between our rights and freedom.

The writer is a student at Juba University.  Telephone no: 0916898604/0920116002

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