Torit Mayor, Her Worship, Juliana Momoi Choho came out strongly criticizing State legislators for abandoning their work and left the same to be done by civil society organizations while they pretend to claim credit. She is a senior public figure who knows very well what she is talking about. She is not alone in her quest to demonstrate the true colour of some of our members of parliament and it is not Torit alone. It is almost in every part of this country where some of the people’s representatives and other public servants take to big cities in the comfort of big and luxurious hotels and resorts under the ACs forgetting that their calling is out there to serve members of the public. The people they are not serving are the tax-payers who are in actual sense, their employers. We have heard similar cases even in the National August house where some MPs and even cabinet Ministers have been accused of abandoning their work and only report when something is touching on their welfare like salary increment, improved allowances for their own benefit. It is good to earn but work for it and let the public see that you have really worked or worth that earning otherwise it is cheating and what does it amount to, corruption which the Government is trying very hard to eliminate if not to eradicate completely. One can only be proud of his institution when you are providing and productive. It is not the other way round. For some MPs in Torit and other parts of the country to abandon or ignore their duties of calling in itself is an economic crime if not sabotage. We need to build a country with honesty and committed people who will answer to the call and need of the public. This is why Madam Choho and her like minds should continue to shout loud so that their voices could be heard across the country. People entrusted with public responsibilities should come out and do what they are supposed to do not the other way round.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


News from the Chinese Capital, Beijing tells us that the Finance and Planning Minister, Stephen Dhieu Dau is concluding loan agreement for the construction of already identified roads in the country. Before his trip to the orient, he was in Seychelles for the 33rd annual Board of Governors meeting of Southern and Eastern African Trade and development Bank (TDB). He also met with top organs of the African Development Bank (ADB) COMESA before transiting through Kigali, Rwanda. It is still vivid how the same person managed to be in the USA just some few months back and through Turkey where some great and important achievements have been recorded. We are not talking about Dau the man but Dau the Minister in President Salva Kiir’s Government. These achievement can only be successful with the full blessing of his boss and which is what is making him and encouraging him to ensure the return to normalcy on economic development. It is also to assure the outside world and doubting Thomases that this country meant well in all sphere of development and that what was important was the need for peace to come sooner than later. With all indications of encouragements from the top seat, Dau and his cabinet colleagues must take the lead in bringing development and peace to the general population. The roads that are to be built and other infrastructures need more tolerance and understanding among the donor and the leadership of this country. Those playing double edge games outside there should understand the commitment of the people of this country and assist in restoring ever-lasting peace if they are honest and to be trusted. Investors and key partners would want to see or need to see the completion of tarmac roads, running water, constant electricity of domestic and industrial use, new schools, hospitals, appropriate shelter and beyond all among others, improvement on security. These can only be possible and achievable when peace was felt in all parts of the country and when key partners playing their role were genuine and honest to humanity. SaPT who was with me remained silent for some time and his second word since he came back from holiday was, Yaba, we have people who are genuinely and honestly seeking peace for this country but it is important to note that all that glitters is not cold. Some are coated to for external mission. There is to derail the process from within and it has been proved so. Let us give peace a chance through our domestic National Dialogue.


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