How many accept their weaknesses?

By: Agar Mayor Gai

In this world, though in a very tactile view, many people tend to find ways of proving to others around their strength and beyond, covering where the weakness lies; people would want to feel praised, respected and counted successful though in the fields such as religion, social and political arena, they have not a single lining.

Where does this misleading thought and a covering of our individual and national weaknesses hail from? It is true that as humans, we are a subject to failure in life. In other words, it is not new and will never sound strange to hear that so and so has yesterday or today failed in school, in delivering the services fairly and justly, in trying to convince or teach a crowd.

 Also, in the bible, we find concrete records of people whom God had given all with wisdom, knowledge and beyond included and later did not make up to success. In other words, they are still met with failure and setback. The stories of people such as Adam, Moses, David and Solomon have us to know that as a people just as they were, we would still be erring and doing something which calls for shortcomings in the society.

However, the bible states that as you realize your weakness, do not cover it up. But instead, admit and ask your God for more wisdom such that time and again the same challenge hits the top, you will know what right thing to do against it. How many accept their area of weakness in this nation? I would feel moved to tell that maybe if you have not seen one, I have done so. For many who have heard the after-war and in-crises speeches of our President, they already know what I am saying.

In many occasions, the President of this country has repeatedly avowed the truth behind the suffering of the local people; he has in all ways proven and told the local people that it is through his and cabinet’s weaknesses that everything has turned upside down. He has gone ahead to admit that they are corrupt and have lost their vision as the SPLM party and as such, they ought to change. Has the change happened? And if not, what is holding it back?

 In the bible, the source of wisdom and biblical leadership, the creator says that as you accept your weakness; seek with faith, the right wisdom from him. Faith as the most important word in this statement indicates that we must always wholeheartedly accept that we want to get rid of a certain weakness or a bad trait in our life. Failure to do so brings not any positive change.

Know it though from today that a weakness is not a crime but becomes so if you do not accept it. It is high time we join hands with the president and the opposition leader in accepting our various weaknesses and failures such that the only duty becomes of eliminating war, insecurity, theft, tribalism and disunity.

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