How investments can change lives and spur development

By Rew Gatluak Lony

Our economy relies on business as one of the most sources of revenue for the Government of South Sudan. These cut across both private and public sector.

Foreign investments are some of the biggest examples we have in our country. They are leading in business development here in Juba alongside some South Sudanese who do money changing and transfer businesses.

If citizens do not invest their own money and life can be very difficult for them and the living standards will always be unbearable.

As South Sudanese journalists, our duty is to inform the public about better businesses and educate them that it is out of their own efforts and not merely gifts from God.

Business enterprises cannot be compared to natural resources like fuel and other sources of income and so people must learn the habit of saving some money for their upkeep.

For this fact I want to appeal out to our government especially the Ministry of Investment to consider the challenges faced by citizens and provide ample business environment in the country.

This would reduce high criminal cases and solve economic hardships.

It is known that those who are able to engage in some businesses are those who can afford to buy different items in and outside the country.

So to say and disquieting in my own opinion as a citizen in this country I would say it not good to let people suffer.

I am requesting the government to took it and do something that concerns the lives of the citizen of our beloved nation. South Sudan we must try all that is possible to save our lives.

My intention to write about the dire poor situation of our business is informed by the need for the government to tap on the different investment skills here in Juba.

The writer is student at the University of Juba and is reachable on 0917554727.  

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