How Gok state can get peace

By Maker Mangol Acien

Gok state among the 32 states has gone through many upheavals. As a concerned citizen, I would like to notify the Public (Gok community) that the state should embark on developmental projects rather engaging itself in useless clan or inter-communal fights.

The Gok community got its political turmoil from us and our own evil doings but still we have the potential to transform it by promoting peace and stability.

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the following contributions to avoid repeat of the same scenario among the people of Gok state and promote peace, unity and reconciliation.

We need to avoid inter-individualism. Leaders of Gok State should know that there is no community without problems. Every community has its own problems but leaders should have the opportunity to serve their fellow citizens and protect them because without them leaders will not be there.

I urge all the leaders from top to the bottom of the state government to stop the clashes to allow peace to come. They should not be included in all the confusions that lead to clashes among the people.

Hence, your hands as vigorous headers should be for betterment to improve Gok State. Leaders are the eyes. They should try to stop the inter-communal war which is highly accelerating.

I need to talk straight to those who are looking for leadership in Gok state. It is obvious that all the community members have rights to lead the state but they should not use very bad methods like bribery to secure positions. For example, when a leader divides people according to their clans some will support while others oppose because they are not from one clan. That can create conflicts because of superiority.

I am here appealing to communities of Gok State to forget all the chaos that happened and try to work and endorse peace.

I also need to tell those students in the state and those ones abroad that you are the very people who can change the communities.  When students think positively, they can make changes. If all of you stop posting bad information on social Media then no one will confuse people again.  Students should learn how to interpret and preach peace in schools, churches and markets.

Women and girls of Gok state are the peace keepers everywhere. They give birth to boys/men not to be killed simply like minor animals. But they produce to multiply people on Earth.  But when women are convinced to celebrate wars, they are likely to finish men by tracing using destructive means. Women should know that they are the heart of the communities. So let them talk about peace and positively educate their children and men.

All citizens cannot be driven to the forest without knowing what is going to kill them. Citizens should be very careful to avoid such confusions and let the politicians not appear in the field of fighting. They should at least create peace among themselves and stop interfering with leaders’ problems.

When the parents are solving their house issues, children cannot involve themselves. Therefore, the civilians of Gok state have to do their respective duties and support their government in order to progress with development.


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