No two options on gender violence

I have had to shake-off some valuable friends because of some good reasons, some of which border on very important matters of human rights.

As a seasoned journalist, I have literally spent several years building my career and this has also drained me of huge amount of resources.

This means that the last thing I would love to see is anyone or anything that claims the gains I have made and so image is everything to me.

I would stop at nothing to distance myself from wrong friends, especially those who do not observe the normal human behavioural standards and norms.

Human beings are social beings and have certain unwritten ways of doing things. All the norms and principles govern and regulate our relations as social beings.

One of the key social principles that determine who qualifies to be within my circle of friendship is respect for human rights and that stretches to the universal rights that every human being is entitled to. They include: the right to life, education and good health.

My bone of contention and anger is drawn from the fact that I so much frown at anyone whose behaviours and characters border of violating these rights.

By denying anyone his or her rights, we are simply saying they are lesser human beings.

Having been a journalist, trainer, mentor on matters of child protection, gender rights and to a larger extent human rights are of key significance to the growth and survival of any society.

It is hurting that any society keen on realising the global millennium development goals would continue promoting any sort of violence against women.

My point is, I don’t condone or entertain gender violence and neither can I ever be an advocate of the same.

In some instances, I have listened to people talk or gossip and unfortunately some do not understand the weight of their actions.

Education is meant to increase knowledge and one’s level of understanding. Unfortunately I have come across people who seemed to have not benefitted from education.

Most hurting is that these fellows continue violating women’s rights with utmost impunity and whenever they speak, their statements border on women’s rights violations.

When an educated man stands up to defend gender violence, I feel disappointed because it is the least I expect of him. Education is supposed to create knowledge and deeper understanding in students.

I try my best to understand why one would spend his energy negatively by fighting women, beating them and even feeling good about it.

Last weekend, this friend of mine came and started boasting of how he had beaten his girlfriend. Worse still he mistook my audience for following up and enjoying his misplacement.

So he went ahead to boast of how he beat his wife on 24th of December last year and tried to justify it by saying that he has ever seen his father beat up his mother on three separate occasions.

I listened and passionately sympathised with him though deep down me was some fire.

At the end of his venom and misplaced anger that points to his wealth of hatred against women, I simply walked away to recollect myself. I could not reconcile the person I have known with his sudden anger against women.

I wanted to understand whether I was the source of the problem and how comes I never knew this ‘good’ friend of mine does not respect women and ‘enjoys’ violating their rights.

He thought he had driven home his point by telling me how African men should beat their women as a form of discipline.

On February 12, 2019, I opted to turn the tables on him;I convened a meeting between the two of us and asked him to listen carefully to me. I knew he had

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