Six coronavirus patients are reported to have escaped from Yirol hospital without the knowledge of the administration. This is a pure sign of negligence and security set up at the institution. The number is too big that cannot just walk out without anyone noticing. Such lapse must be avoided as they pose danger to the relatives and the public at large. Yirol may now be the focus but other health facilities or institutions should be on the watch to contain the reoccurrence of similar situation. Among those who escaped, some did so because they did not trust treatment in the hospital and resorted to go for traditional treatment. It is like they were not aware of the danger they could take out with them. Covid-19 is real and killing in millions worldwide. It has to be accepted that the cure has yet to be a hundred percent approved and might take time to be delivered for use. The vaccines which are on test cannot be relied upon wholly as their uses are still on the hanging balance. The already approved preventive methods are those provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health which should be the guiding factors.  These factors are, keeping social distance, washing hands, sanitizing, avoid crowded places and isolation when not sure of one-self. Those who are taken or admitted in health institutions must be made to remain there to avoid spreading the virus to others. This is what Yirol hospital administration should have done or alternatively on discovering that the patients had escaped, they would have used collective approach with other authorities to ensure the escapees were returned to avoid more cases occurring in the area.The hospital administration should take full responsibility of the escapees and ensure they were isolated from their relatives and members of the public.

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