How big are South Sudan problems?

We talked silly and annoyed ourselves. We quarreled after misunderstandings and we fought. Many died, wounded and the survivors escaped to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

I wonder what brought all this glitches. In the beginning there were no hatred and fighting among South Sudanese because the people loved themselves as brothers and sisters. They acted and talked as if South Sudan is their mother.

Why are people becoming voiceless to speak out about our rights? We see escalation of difficulties but no prevention until it first caused destruction.

What is not clear today? The increase of Dollar rate starts from central bank and there are also these businessmen selling dollar in black market. Traders are increasing the prices every day. The families who don’t receive their little monthly salaries become unable to provide basic needs especially for the children and that is why streets are full of homeless hopeless young children. Why they are again insulted when they eat leftovers at restaurants and when they beg money from big people?

What have they done? Foreigners selling water in tanks drill it freely from river Nile but sell to buyers at high cost. They don’t even treat it with water-guard or other chemicals.

Fuel is being provided to stations but they close down and say that it got finished but later sell it privately to the neediest expensively. Due to shortage of fuel, transport becomes hard to get because of taxi fares.

Drivers are even merciless to school children. Go to Custom and you will find students waiting from 7 to 10 Am with intention of reaching those kinds of schools near Juba and Konyokonyo.

Social medias are supposed to be controlled my media authority such that the gossips and hatred runners would not post nonsense to confuse people.

Companies and ministries failed to fairly provide jobs for the young people these are the reasons why they are seen going to clubs and playing under trees and the downhearted ones are practicing criminality. Those who grab handbags are the unemployed youth who have no alternative to live.

The night gangs rape and loot but no one to hunt and arrest them. Parents don’t take care of children. And men don’t control their women and that is why some are becoming whores. The result of not providing essentials needs is now the root cause of prostitution.

If a policeman is hungry, he may think of receiving bribes. See the traffic police, the passengers usually complain that they are innocently charged or fined.

Should we just remain talking too much without actions up to when?

The common thing spoiling South Sudan is that each one of us doesn’t know what to do for himself and others. People think nothing concerning the country. When you move around the town, you only hear people negotiating about peace (national dialogue) and crisis (Dollar).

Actions are powerful than words. We may keep talking but no solution. Let us work. Time is going but will never come back. We should not regret later that we missed the chance.

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