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House endorses Peace Agreement

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Paulino Wanawila Unango [File Photo]

By Morris Dogga

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly [TNLA] on Monday unanimously ratified the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ACRSS) a month after it was signed.

The revitalized agreement was presented before the lawmakers by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Paulino Wanawila Unango.

The Lawmakers ratified the Revitalized Agreement without any dissent.

The agreement was supposed to be endorsed by parliament seven days after its signing according to the implementation matrix.

Addressingjournalistsafter the ratification of the agreement, Minister Wanawila said the delay was from the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

According to Wanawila, the government received the agreement on Wednesday last week.

He however said the ratification of the agreement marks a milestone in the implementation of the peace deal.

“Bringing the agreement for ratification is part of the implementation process,” he said reiterating that the government had already started the implementation process by taking some steps such as the forming of the National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC).

“This shows the willingness of the government to ensure that the peace agreement is implemented. The dissemination should now continue in earnest. The civil society should also be able to disseminate the agreement,” he said.

Minister Wanawila called on the elite South Sudanese to settletheir problems through the “ballots not the bullets.”

Alfred Logune Taban, a Member of Parliament representing Yei River State in the TNLA lauded his colleagues for ratifying the agreement saying it was signals that the people of South Sudan were ready for peace.

“The passing of this agreement is a clear sign that all the South Sudanese welcomed the agreement. My message to those who are still holding out-specifically Thomas Cirilo-is that they should join in because the agreement is popular with the people of South Sudan,” Taban said.

Taban further urged the other parties who did not take part in the signing of the revitalised agreement to end the suffering of the people by signing and implementingthe agreement in full.

“By not signing, means that you are still involved in some form of violence,” he said.

He also urged his colleagues in Parliament, the civil society organizations and the religious leaders to disseminate the peace agreement to the entire population of South Sudan

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