Hotels are degrading our girls

Our young girls are being spoiled by luring them into illicit behaviors especially in the many hotels in Juba.

There are young for young, middle aged for middle aged. It is the law that should make us respect and know the right of another person. The law guides us in all aspects of life.

It is sad to see a young girl below the age of 18 being taken to a hotel by a man old enough to be her grandfather. This is happening in Juba. It is truly happening.

In some countries, hotels are for passengers and   international staff but not for citizens who own houses. Young girls are being forced by the economic crisis to go for sugar daddies due to lack of financial support from their parents to cater for their basic needs.

These sugar daddies are fond of inducing young girls just to satisfy their sexual needs.  This sounds like news but it is a daily routine. No security personnel seem to care. Our young girls have been taken hostage by the mounting crisis. The sugar daddies are making full use of the situation to sexually exploit our future wives. Many women and girls in their twenties and thirties have gone astray but concerns are being focused on teenagers whose future is still unknown. The national security officers and the law makers, “the police’ are not doing their work. They are given one room in every hotel to watch activities that take place in those hotels but they don’t put the laws into effect. They are handcuffed by bribery which is a violation of law. Many things that are against the law happen in hotels in their presence but they turn blind eye and deaf ear to them.

This is a miscarriage of law. They are bribed to keep their mouth shut. A personal research and observation revealed that all the residential areas close to town have at least 20-30 hotels each. So these sugar daddies in their respective hotels go to nearby tea places and seat there pretending to have gone for tea.

It always happens at noon hours. The lion seat taking tea and jazzing while watching teenagers passing by them with their eyes fixed on them scanning their innocent bodies. Just like any boy could call and beckon a girl of his age without qualm and shame, these daddies too do the same without feeling ashamed. They don’t think they are sharing or spoiling their son’s future wives. They just do it because there is no law or the law is not active. They impregnate them but no one cares to bring them to book.

In advanced and developed countries, it is a crime for a man in forties or sixties to impregnate a girl less than 18 years but it is happening in this country. Where is the law? It is the making of authorities concerned that is why everything is not going in the right direction. Every institution especially the police has its own laws, rules and policies but are not being used accordingly. There is need for a prompt action to be taken to arrest these illicit practices. Our lives are at stake. There many dehumanizing activities in the city, sometimes it makes me supplanted of our nation.  People should be guided and guarded by law not to exploit or cheat out citizens of their limited resources.

The vulnerable population in this country is being exposed to many law breakers. It would be wise to introduce marriage certificate policy.  This would help so much. It is a bad practice and culture to take girls and women to hotels. Our girls and women are getting spoiled in the hands of foreigners. They are deeply wrapped up in sexual relationships with them just for the sake of survival. The girls and some women go for night clubs and weekends. Reaching the middle of the night in the club, they later end up not returning home but opt to go to hotel with any man regardless of race and nationality provided he has money.

It is more than redemption. I don’t see the significance of hotels in this city. I only see negative impacts.  For health sake, I urge the authorities concerned to take action without further delay and introduce marriage certificate law to save the citizens from infections and diseases.

It is our collective responsibility as citizens to rally behind the media and to speak up for ourselves if anything seems to affect us is not addressed by the authorities concerned. No! It is worth to speak out. We deserve living to see better days and beautiful things in the future. Join me and rally for our own betterment. Good health is wealth and we have to keep away or protect ourselves from things or practices that pose health threats to humans.

The gov’t should do something about this or close down some of the hotels that are not worth operating. All the gov’t officials yearn to be accommodated in hotels by the gov’t just because hotels have all the needed services. Why don’t you build your own house, buy good furniture, install electricity and leave staying in hotels? The money you or the gov’t pays to hotel managers for monthly rent can build a smart house that can accommodate the whole family. The gov’t is over-burdened but not realizing yet. Side with me in calling upon the authorities concerned to regulate hotels activities. It begins with you big person, cease going for young girls and settle with your wife.

By Mangar Mayor Gai

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