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Hope for positive Peace talks in Nairobi

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the information delivered to media by government officials, peace talks has started in Nairobi between the Government and South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA), in which General Paul Malong, Chairman of South Sudan United Front(SSUF) and Pagan Amum, the leader of  R-SPLM was among the group.

These talks were supposed to take place in Rome but now it is brought to Nairobi, Kenya, a neighboring country of South Sudan. The most important thing in these talksis the resolutions which are going to come out from the leaders. Last year the talks were held in Rome where Pope Francis requested those leaders to forgive each other and reconcile for peace.

I am sure there is nothing more than peace that the group may agree upon in the country which is the first priority of the government and people of South Sudan. All those leaders were in the government before they left the country, the differences between them could let this country down. Let them see the good example from the SPLM-IO. They disagreed for some years but now they are together and are trying to put this country right. It is not too late for the above mentioned leaders to come back in the country. Time for conflict has passed, now people need peace and development.

This can’t be done if some leaders are still in differences with government. The insecurity taking place in other parts of the country was because several leaders are still in the bush including General Thomas Cirilo. If we need total peace in the country, all these leaders who rebelled are to come home.

Conflict cannot not help us, instead it damages the country, which should not be accepted by the people of South Sudan. As the talks began well, I hope it will end with good result. Everything has beginning and an end; I hope misunderstanding between leaders will come to an end by the end of the discussions.

No more fighting and differences among leaders again. Many countries in the world had misunderstanding among them, but now they don’t have conflicts, it is because they understood themselves. If the country continues to have leadership dispute, there will be no development in the country. It is better to unite, forgive each other and reconcile for peace in the country.

May God bless us all.

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