Honor to the fallen Vice President’s bodyguards

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes raw realities of life take us to different places that we would never choose if we were given a chance to do so and more so the fate of bodyguards rests here. Last week, six human souls perished while trying to protect their master who has the same body, blood and soul as they do but in so doing, they were not so lucky. The six of them because of one person lost their precious lives and left behind, as I think must be families who will try all they could to accept this reality.  I think they must have been married and what a great misfortune, imagine, six women or more widowed at the same time and many children orphaned too. This is a great loss to the country but do they still matter to the Vice President’s family? Not sure and that is is what I will never understand but their duties have gone to the grave with them. And more saddening is the fact that they do not matter to the Vice President any more.

But why, they had before it was done devoted most of their lives in the wellbeing of their master and so the best thing that would be expected of the master is to take care of his bodyguards’ families. But not known and it will never be known whether the master will do what is expected of him by the general public.    

The bodyguard, this is one of the ugly English words I have ever come across because this in its nature is not something to be compared with professionalism, it is what you succumbed into out of desperation. And so the problems of somebody you bodyguards are always on your shoulder. You either die in defense or you are fired with him and who losses here? Of course, you are the one because the master being known by so many will still find his way to the barn where public funds are stolen and you will be left with nothing but to try the same job with somebody else. You will stay outside almost every night and sometimes you get washed by the rains as you protect your master who is sleeping comfortably in his luxurious room just because you want to put food on the table for your family. This is the struggle in this painful world, loyalty and life combined. What joy does someone get in protecting someone who will never feel your absence when you are gone? I think there isn’t but why would someone involve himself in a job whose only success culminates in his own death with that of the person he was trying to protect? This is just life because most of these people do not have jobs to feed their families and seating down without anything to do would be worse than choosing to be a bodyguard for someone who will never think of your family when you are killed in his defense.

In 2016 and this is very sad to remember when the war broke out in the Presidential Palace, the first people who were very unfortunate to be killed in the mayhem were bodyguards most of whom were young people and then followed by the innocent civilians. And the elderly who started this war remained safe and none of them saw their friend drenched in pool of his own blood. When the war calmed, they got into their sealed V8s and drove off. In other words, this was a situation where a young man loses his life to keep an old man alive and this is what is still going on up to today. Most of these bodyguards are young people depriving themselves of all the pleasures of this world protecting people whose value had faded in the community. If truth were to be told, it would have been better to say that young are the ones worthy of protection because they are still growing and not these elderly men who have lived long enough. The young ones also want to see grey hair and their children too and that is how we want this country to be.

It just doesn’t make sense to use young people to satisfy one’s selfish interests. When the country got her independence in 2011, the liberators who paid dearly for the liberation of this country would have just sat down to rest and assign the young people to take over the leadership of this country but because they wanted to eat, the young people kept quiet and given to them was chance and when they have eaten to the brim, they started killing the people they fought for and began to use these young people as bullet proof, meaning “ A 25 year old young man must die for an elderly to live”. This is very sad and we have nothing but to pray for the families of the bodyguards and many young people including gravediggers whose lives are always in jeopardy.          

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