Honeymoon in SPLM is over

Indeed, our beloved new born country South Sudan! Sudanile Christian state has been going through serious political crisis up to the level of instability and anarchy within the society. It happened because of lack of political maturity without believing in Christian and traditional cultural values, norms and moral ethics without sense of authority. Some of these rulers are of poor educational back grounds which always make them clash and conflict politically due to immaturity in ideas without clear vision and objectives according to communist ideology. That has caused an imaginable suffering and pain to citizens as the nation is now bleeding from such a bloody war. This political crisis happened since the beginning of the struggle for freedom and liberation of an independent country.

Thus our nation is now in darkness without light and hopes of survival as the system of governance has apparently in political and economic terms collapsed. This means the honey moon between Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/A) warlords has come to an end. As they only know how to turn against each other as if they are uncivilized.  Their act is only to subject people to suffering, agony and pain by creating unnecessary war campaign within the society. It is of course a sign of being irresponsible without any moral authority for that matter. It is very dispersing for our people to go under such a bad experience of war created by warlord’s clash that has led to fighting over power and positions to gain wealth with their families and friends. Above all I believe in my heart and mind that this will definitely be the last straw that will break the camel’s back. So it is waste of time to dialogue with oneself instead of communicating directly with the enemy concern.

Therefore, as struggle over power and wealth does head on between warlords through use of policy of divide and rule and military might does end in conflict and violence resulting to war within the nation. This is reinforcing by appeasement policy of individual leaders to gain support of these opportunist politicians without focusing on implementation of economical programs of development. Their intention is all about power which always creates loggerhead that takes form of scapegoat forgetting that they have all committed criminal acts together as comrades in the struggle. So there is high probability than as I know true change of the regime will take place sooner than later whether we like it or not. And that will end the practice of exploitation of brother by a brother as we all do belong together to this country not only for particular individuals. That can end appointments of particular individuals into positions as loyalist or close friends as if nation belongs alone to them. It is all about sidelining and marginalizing princes and traditional leaders who are Knowledgeable and experience in governance. They never apply equality and integrity within our society. Their attitude is directed against certain class within the society of course motivated by impurity complex against that superior class. Although it is not easy for anyone to destroy traditional leadership without incurring high cost in the end because people did not go to the bush to come and temper with cultural setup which we do rely on neither to come and revenge against our people in any way. Citizens are only longing for peace to leave in harmony with forgiveness and co-existent with each other instead of being engaged in war in our country. Our duty is to be custodians of life of our people without practicing discrimination and injustice against each other within our society.

In other words a leader must care for his citizens instead of turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the voices of the suffering people who need help from the government. Making name and prestige without delivering necessary social welfare benefits to people does cause famine and poverty leading to death in the country. Due to that some of our intellectuals do come back home to contribute to the development of our nation as it is our obligation to do to the people.  In contrary it is being seen by warlords as a threat to their power which is somehow bit selfish to think that way. Ngugi Wa Thiongo a Kenyan novelist writer said that ‘I come back with an open mind, an open heart and open arms. I have come to touch base. I have come to learn-’ he told. Well there were crowds of well-wishes upon landing well come him in Nairobi. Despite, he was brutally assaulted in his rented Nairobi apartment, beaten, his face burned with cigarettes; his wife, Nyeri, was raped. Many interpreted the attack as payback for Ngugi’s outspoken criticism of Kenyan politicians and politics, and served as yet another reminder of the despair and unfulfilled aspirations of Kenya’s people. This was worsened by more poignant by the widespread political violence in the end in Kenya. In these warlords and coup makers in Africa are always anti-educated classes within their societies as they do see them a threat to their power control within countries they belong. This is the same thing like what is happening now in South Sudan whereby there is serious campaign lounge against South Sudanese intellectuals who come back home from overseas and are not included in the process of developing the nation by blocking them out of power sharing which is regrettable for that matter.

Nevertheless, by understanding how we got here and what is at stake perhaps, we can find a route out of our current impasse in this nation. The solutions for transition to bring change are in the process and I hint at some of these in my writing from time to time. The only way a principled leader must know when to resign instead of asking party members frugal or thrifty information whether he should resign. Anyway consequence of such tactics of clinging to power, while people had the unprecedented situation where the leader of the party does become its greatest liability- dragging the name of organization through mud for a long is not acceptable. According to classical bourgeois’ democracies that have to avoid many scandals must follow that political direction. Let us take good example former South Korean President Roh who does claims to be communist or socialist committed unpardonable blunders. And that forced him to commit suicide by leaping to his death from a hill behind his house. He left suicide note for his family on his computer that ‘I am in debt to too many people, the note reads.’ Too many people have suffered because of me. ‘And I cannot imagine the suffering they will go through in the future.’ This death came about because of investigation into a bribery scandal which has tarnished his reputation and felt ashamed to an extent of having lost face with obvious disappointment to his supporters.

In this view, nobody can escape the long hand of law. Justice has to take its course in the end which means even if honey the moon between warlords has ended unexpectedly still the system of governance must always be ruled by knowledgeable leaders according to the law. Leaders who do understand the system of governance well must be ready to rule more effectively. It is not far to take fellow comrades as scapegoats as all the warlords have created together political mess that resulted to death of poor citizens within the nation. Up to now some of the warlords do look around with shameful and mocking eyes raved over a reminiscent of reminding themselves about evils committed against the citizens. Oh! Dear still, I would like to see them kicking themselves like wild horses. This proof does not have real friends nowadays. You had only mere comrades: but there were some comrades whose society was more pleasant than others. But if we are to speak the truth about a tiny creature, smaller than a rat which does eat up government documents without accountability in the end. Thus a man of the people to exploit the lack of political consciousness of the people is just riding on the crest of ignorance as a play of political card against them which is worse than the rat itself. We know so much has happened and still happening without application of justice within the system of governance as if hands of the law are tied and not long enough allowing culprits to escape freely leaving the helpless victims without any hope.

Humankind has always had a curiosity about the unknown and a passion to fully explore the world we inhabit if a true change is to take place. It is part of what makes us human nature. So this restless spirit is what attracts and drives good system of governance. It is a seductive and powerful promise for better future. This must appeal to our deeply-seated beliefs in social and economic progress and prosperity which is a fundamental human goal and are anchored in the liberal humanism of the enlightenment. And also to repair extensive damage done to social fabric of our traumatized communities. These reasons do not make us always believe strongly that humankind can make the world a better place, both through improved technologies and scientific understanding of the natural world we live in. Of course this is our destiny but it is a vocation until the end of the world. Although the problem we are facing in our nation is that gap between the rich and the poor as it is widening the decision-making. Power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, while local cultures are quickly disappearing like threat of violence and looming genocide that might wipe out targeted communities of the face of the earth.  Not only that is enough but also biological diversity is also being destroyed by regional interventions sparked by incursions, due to deteriorating political environment that might lead to total and eventual collapse. It is a sad reality coming from poor governance of the nation when it is supposed to be an opportunity for human progress and prosperity whose great potential has been thwarted totally. Instead we have a system of governance that feeds only on itself while marginalizing fundamental human needs of people and societies in different communities from taking place on this planet.

In conclusion the aim of coup makers and revolutionists is not only to wipe away unjust ruling order and impose new ones for the betterment of the society but also to consolidate too communist ideology as they wish. Thus a strong tribe attacks weaker ones since the beginning of time. They do so for the most elemental reason of survival of the fittest of course to get more of whatever is good to have in the community they belong. For example in corporate world as vanguard of the government with their institutions do use their power and influence to dominate and monopolize political and economical decision that impact on the  plight, livelihood and survival of poor vulnerable communities. Thus the poor become casualties of circumstances beyond control in the country today.

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By Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

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