Holy Rosary wins inter church games

By Emelda Siama John

Holy Rosary Third Mass won against Second Mass after playing eight matches with eight different teams in the inter Catholic football tournament finals over the weekend.

Upon the football tournament that had been running over the past weeks, Holy Rosary Third mass happened to win the trophy, beating Holy Rosary Second Mass one to nil goal.

H.G Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla the Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba appreciated the organizing committee for their work saying football is creating unity and love among us.

“as we know that football is part of unity at the churches, especially at the University of Juba, and where the chaplain of the youth make their tournaments,this to unite the youth as one and also to get the players for the next competition of inter-parishes,”  Ameyu said.

“Work hard to take this trophy, it’s not only trophy, but its love among our youth, and for the team who lost, it is not aloss because without you, no trophy will be brought here,”he cited.

He stressed that young should avoid hatred, avoid discrimination, and continue with this kind love not only in holy Rosary but also  in various places.

“This tournament is preparing us for the banquet celebration of Holy Rosary parish which will take place on 7th October 2021,” he added.

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