Holy Rosary parish celebrates the feast in Juba

By Emelda Siama John

The Holy Rosary parish celebrated the feast of the most of ‘Our Lady of Holy Rosary’ in Juba-Buluk, yesterday.

The celebration of holy rosary was the celebration of thanks giving prayers to God, and thank to our mother Mary for her standing toward us, especially in the times of difficulties, suffering and all the struggle in our life.

H.L Bishop Santo LakoPio Duggal, the Auxiliary of Archdiocese of Juba, the main celebrant said that peace, unity and love came through the intersect of rosary prayers.Rosary was very important, especially for us in Catholic Church.Because this was what the evils fear. Rosary was the history of our salvation and we should pray it every day.

“May the Lord bless the rosary that you are carrying today, and you may all renewed as the tools for your mission in your families.Go with your rosary, although when you are sick, in your working place, in your farm, just carry it with you and led the Holy Spirit bless the rosary that you carry, and bless your homes, bless all the types of work that you are doing in our country,” Pio said.

He stressed that blessed were those who believed, whatever being spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfill.Our country, our churches and our homes needed the prayers of our mother Mary, the mother of the church.You could be able to chase the evil persons by rosary.

“A lot of blood poured in our country, a lot of tears, a lot of crying, there’s a lot of suffering.People were wondering what is happening in this country.a lot of displacement, refugees are now many.people of the church, this is a serious responsibility that needsyour prayers,” he cited.

He stated that our country South Sudan was the leading in IDPs and refugees. In spite to this, our leaders were not very sensitive to cope with this unnecessary order.Our responsible people, who were listening while the country was disorganized with a lot of displacement unnecessarily were not responding, he said.

Meanwhile during the celebration of the feast of ‘Our Lady of Holy Rosary’, 89 candidates received confirmation, and 117 received first communion. The parish chapel also blessed some councilors of the church.

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