Holy Rosary Parish beat Saint Charles Luwanga Chapel

By Emelda Siama John

Holy Rosary Parish football Club beat Saint Charles Luwanga Chapel in penalty shootout during inter-churches competition over the weekend at the University of Juba playing ground.

Saint Charles Luwanga Chapel second mass lost the game on penalty by Holy Rosary Parish third mass and they got to the final , but both Saint Charles Luwanga Chapel  first and second mass were knocked out from the march.

The organizing committee said that  football is to unite us, not to separate us and  to unite all the youth and the peoples of Holy Rosary parish.

Fr. Emmanuel Omollo the Parish Priest of Holy Rosary said that “if we came for the game like this, we are not here to play game,but to say who is the looser and who the winner is? Everyone who sees is the winner,”.

He added that he appreciate Saint Charles Luwanga second mass for playing a very wonderful game, and third mass Holy Rosary who played equally.

“I want to thank the organizing committee right from the beginning  that you have made a very good arrangement, we are very proud of the committee and we look forward now for the final,” he said.

He revealed that when you play football, you only play with friends, and these people are friendlier than before, they can  play now with one another.

“Unity and friendship are what we are here for, we are not here to say who is going to win and who is going to lose, we are here  to bring that unity and friendship in our parish,” he added.

He stated that yesterday we have altar servers and second mass of a main center; they will be played at university of Juba playing ground.

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