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Hippos destroy dykes in Bor

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Communities in Lau Dier and Hai Machuor village in Jonglei State complained about the destruction of dykes by number of hippopotamus due to serious flooding and appealing to the State government, national and partners to construct for them a permanent dyke to help contain and prevent floods in the area.

The area was flooded yearly by the overflow of the River Nile.The state had been devastated by flash floods that have been flowing since May 2021.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, community member Alier Panchol said that the torrential rains and flash floods continued to displace thousands of people and destroyed several homes across the State.

“We need dykes repair, a permanent dyke, sandbags, food, clean water and excavator.We need a long term solution to this flooding which comes every year, it is our hope that the government come out and brings more resources to support the communities which are affected mostly by the flood in Bor town,”

Meanwhile, Jonglei State Minister of Housing, Land and Public Utilities Elijah Mabior Bol said that it was the first time for media houses to come and reflect what was happening in Jonglei State since flood started in 2020.

“we are faced with two types of flood here, one from the river flood and rain water. The government of Jonglei has come up to protect the town by constructing and maintain the dyke around the town,”

He added that International Organization Migration (IOM)was helping the government by constructing dyke.

Lau- Dier and Hai Machuor dykes had been constructed by The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in coordination with other humanitarian partners helped in repairing and maintaining dykes in Bor which prevented more people from being displaced by floods in Bor.

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