The security agents must ensure that all roads in the Republic of South Sudan are free from kidnappers and assailants who use hit and run scheme to terrorize innocent travellers. The country has mourned enough the lives of those who have been murdered in cold blood on major roads such as the Juba Nimule Highway, Juba Yei Road, Bahr El Ghazal road and many others. The country has witnessed innocent kids being kidnapped from those living along the Nimule highway. This is injustice of the highest degree that our government must keep on monitoring through the security apparatus. You cannot just ambush and kill travellers without any reason. What is the benefit of killing a fellow countryman or woman hustling amid economic doldrums to subsist? This vice must be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It is paramount that the Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Ayii has sounded an alarm warning the assailants who are attacking travellers on highways to shun the practice. The highways are for importation of goods to the country as hunger is currently another menace like the Coronavirus pandemic. It must be used to boost trade and development but not for killing innocent people. Those who appear to be thirsty for human blood must understand that they did not create any single human soul and they ought to respect human dignity. Killing a human being is a sin according to the Biblical teachings. We must all refrain from violent acts such as killings, cattle raids and revenge attacks. This year peace must flourish to give way for development and peaceful Coexistence in the country. We must live as equals and citizens of one country who must have respect for one another regardless of tribe. May the killing of innocent lives end in this New Year 2021. God bless you all.

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