UNHCR registers and relocates refugees in Unity: In Yida refugee settlement, UNHCR registered 833 new refugee arrivals from South Kordofan, Sudan, which represents 20% increase as compared to the same period in 2017 when 11,116 new arrivals were registered.  During the reporting period, UNHCR relocated 1,199 refugees to Jamjang refugee camps (Ajuong Thok and Pamir). This number also includes 281 refugees previously settled in Yida and 918 new arrivals. As of 15 May, the refugee population across Jamjang camps and settlements was as follows: Ajuong Thok – 44,586, Pamir – 28,213, Yida refugee settlement – 51,584

UNHCR commences training on HIV testing and Prevention in Juba: In Juba, UNHCR in collaboration with the National Ministry of Health commenced a training on HIV testing and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) to integrate HIV testing into Reproductive Health (RH)/cervical cancer screening, Antenatal clinic (ANC), family planning, adolescent-friendly services and delivery services, and on revised HIV data collection and reporting tools. The training targeted 18 health workers from partners working in the refugee camps. Participants acquired critical skills and knowledge on the integration of HIV services into reproductive health services as well as the revised data collection and reporting tools for accurate completion/filling of the reporting tools.

Over 10,000 refugee children receive polio vaccine in Upper Nile: In Maban, UNHCR partner Relief International (RI) conducted Polio campaign for 10,263 children below the age of 5 years, while 7,563 and 6,765 children were given Vitamin A and Albendazole.

Refugee children, pregnant and lactating mothers receive relief supplies in Unity: During the reporting period, UNHCR and International Rescue Committee (IRC) completed the distribution of supplies to 1,738 under two-year children and 942 pregnant and lactating women in Pamir refugee camp under the Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP). African Humanitarian Action (AHA) also distributed BSFP supplies to 1,791 under two children and 1,178 pregnant and lactating women in Ajuong Thok refugee camp.

UNHCR registers 300 persons to receive Nationality Certificate in Western Bahr el Ghazal: During the reporting period, UNHCR conducted a field mission to Aweil to register persons at risk of statelessness and monitor the situation of displaced persons. As a result of this mission, 300 persons were enrolled in the process of acquisition of nationality documents in collaboration with the DNPI. Since January 2018, 800 persons have been enrolled in the process of acquisition of nationality documents in Wau.








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