Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Figures announced by Dr. Makur Matur Koriom on Wednesday this week of new coronavirus cases that were recorded in the last 24 hours is shocking and sounds like a tale of the past yesteryears. It is unbelievable that within the 24 hours before the announcement was made, a staggering record of 134 new cases were identified and properly written in the books of the national taskforce. It is not how they were recorded or identified, it is the swelling number of new cases that is worrying and should worry everyone. It is unimaginable and unbelievable that with such kind of information coming and even after high profiled personalities have come out to declare that they tested positive, people were still treating the emergence of coronavirus as something normal. I would wish to borrow a word of my friend Mutahi Kagwe, the Kenyan Health Minister who is always captured on television channels whenever he gets a chance to advice on this pandemic disease, telling the public, “If we take this disease normally, it will take us abnormally”. The message might be simple and to the point, but because I know this man who was once a colleague under the same roof in one of the main media houses in the region, the contexts have a lot of weight and should be a guide to many of those in the forefront of the fight against coronavirus in the region. President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his team are on record saying nobody should lax until the fight was won. It is not for a single finger to fight but it needs collective responsibilities to reach the goal regionally, continentally and globally. Something however, which should not happen is what almost took place when members of the technical arm, response team went on a go slow. The oath of medics the world-over, is to save life. Not money. Although this speaks volume in the life of all of us, it should not take the lead where medical experts are concerned.  True they have basic needs like all of us, they have different commitments, but going slow or striking at a time and a point like this cannot be properly and appropriately taken without questions being asked, because the lives of the citizens are at stake. At least there should be some other ways of reaching the ears of the paying masters instead of go-slow or strike. The confirmation of some recent cases, which are isolating themselves in their houses, and had not been seen or follow-ups made are indication that something was not right, and that something must be corrected before it goes out of hand. The medics should be able to work with the national team collectively, and as one because they are the one with preventive and protection knowledge outlined by the key players in the health sector globally. Collectively we stand to win the war on coronavirus.

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