High Court urges State gov’t to implement rule of law

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

The President of High Court, Justice Obac Denyong has urged the State government to implement the rule of law to address cases of insecurity affecting civilians in the State.
He made the statement during the resumption of the monthly rule of law forum organized by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Torit on Tuesday.
The forum halted its activities in December last year and has resumed it again to discuss major security threats in the state.

 The President of High Court in Eastern Equatoria State said the rule of law forum in the State means peace and development
“It means stability, security in the state. We conducted several meetings in this forum and this time we have decided to take responsibility as people in charge to make rule of law more effective compared to the previous,” said Justice Obac.

“It is not a matter of just coming to attend and go without
implementation; the most important thing is to implement the rule of law as we have decided to take it upon ourselves to discharge our duty,” he explained.
Justice reiterated that any illegal arrest by organized forces would be discuss publicly in the forum to stop it from repeating in future.
The UNDP rule of law officer Lucia Jovani explained that her organization was working with the Government and stakeholders in the State, to generate information from Justice Actors which would results in reforming laws and improving the Human right issues. She added that the organization have worked with police in the State to build police post, offer trainings and logistics.

“We always involve the government like the line ministries including traditional leaders and those promoting human rights in the states,” said Lucia.
We also want to create linkages within the rule of law institutions to improve human rights and security in the State especially related to vulnerable groups such as children, women, IDPs and so on”, she added.
While the commissioner of police in Easten Equatoria State Maj. Gen. Khamis Masika Marjan called on partners to help build reformatory centers to help youth who are commit violence change their mindsets.

“The building of reformatory centers in the state is very vital because there are a lot of crimes being committed by the niggers, the gang youth in the area. The centers can contain and getting peaceful environment,” said Gen. Masika.

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